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Nature's Coherent Vibrations = Truth

There's so much distortion, confusion, doubt, and illusion when it comes to man-made EMFs. Some say the confusion is on purpose, some say it isn't. I think it's all the above. Regardless, confusion, no matter its origin, is based on less than truthful energies creating less than truthful narratives whether innocent or not. Truth is always simple, pure, and coherent. It can't really be challenged since it just is. Truth comes from a place of integrity and wholeness, like nature's energies do.

The natural energies of the Earth, sun and cosmos (aka song-shine) run through every cell of our bodies. They are pure and authentic energies - holistic energy medicine. They are free for the taking, yet they are being polluted by man-made EMFs such as wireless. Nature's energies are full of coherent vibrations and information that we need to thrive. That is why we say someone is in "sound health." They have coherent vibrations in their body and nature's energies are part of the reason. Nature's energies are truth and integrity manifested as perfect, whole energy.

It has been said that energy is never created or destroyed, it simply changes form.¹ Here's a brief overview of how a cell tower creates incoherent wireless transmissions (aka radio-frequency microwave radiation) out of coherent natural energy. A cell tower requires power from the electric grid.² The electric grid is obviously running electricity through it generated several different ways - natural gas can be converted into electricity as can wind and solar power. So power companies are taking natural resources with naturally coherent frequencies (gas, wind, solar), and converting that natural coherent energy into incoherent electricity. The electricity is then powering the cell tower to be able to convert that electric power into radio-frequency microwave radiation, which is obviously not coherent either.

In the above example, the power companies have corrupted the essence of the natural energy. The energy is no longer integral and whole. Nothing in nature can utilize those denatured, distorted energies - at best, they are non-beneficial. Only our man-made devices can utilize the man-made distorted energies. The natural, potent, health giving energies are just a shadow of their former self.

To understand this a bit better, check out this page on my website to hear the difference between coherent nature sounds (natural EMF) and incoherent man-made EMFs. Also check out these blog posts - Song Unheard and Discord Unheard.

Whenever there is confusion about man-made EMFs simply remember this - anything that is nature being distorted or denatured is not truth, integrity or wholeness. Health is based on wholeness and that wholeness begins with natural energy. Natural energy helps support us in being truthful, whole and alive. Although many in the tech industry would like for you to think of your phone as your best friend, think again. It is as dead as a door nail, just like the EMF that radiates from it. There is no wholeness there. These energies will never be life supporting or life giving because at their foundation, they have neither truth or integrity.

The song of life, which is the song of nature, is also known as love. Therefore, the disruption of the song of life by man-made EMFs means an injection of the opposite.

Pure energy = pure integrity = pure shine. Shine on!


[1] "Fact or Fiction?: Energy Can Neither Be Created Nor Destroyed?" Scientific American, August 5, 2014.

[2] "Cell Towers: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know." Wilson Amplifiers, January 13, 2021.


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