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The Unheard Songs Of Our Earth Mama

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Once upon a time there was only one song they say, one verse, carried through the universe. And from this song they say, the elements of earth, fire, water and air were created; each element being part of the song, and yet each with its own distinct song. From these songs, other creations took form such as animals and plants. Crystals, they say, are frozen music.

Unbeknownst to many, the echoes of the “one verse” can be heard and wisdom imparted to the listener by stilling the mind and venturing within. The song can also be heard more obviously in uplifting bird songs and in the healing sounds of a cat’s purr. Crickets are a part of the grand orchestra when they play their spindly legs like violins. Yet the secret, unheard songs go by mostly unnoticed.

All of nature is brimming with sounds heard and unheard. Just how profound these sounds are is pretty much a secret. Equally amazing perhaps is that everything that comes from the original song is a part of the grand symphony of life.

Collectively, I call these sounds (both heard and unheard) ‘song-shine’: the songs of life that sustain and enhance our shine.

The grand symphony of life is simply coherent energy – harmonious electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF). Some even say coherence is the the signature of the universe which is understood to be love.

Electro-magnetic frequencies are the glue that hold matter together scientists say. They run through our universe, our sun, our earth, our bodies, our pets, and even through that spinach salad from dinner last night. Without these frequencies, scientists say that life could not exist.¹

As if by magic, albeit hidden, these frequencies nurture and nourish our bodies. They are highly underrated, yet a critical foundation to health and well being. Natural energies give us access to natural magic. Natural magic is the magic of life that nature is patiently waiting for us to discover.

Earth’s Unheard Songs

The Schumann Resonance

As lightning strikes the Earth some 2,000 times a day, frequencies called the Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz) fill our atmosphere.² These frequencies have been called the Earth’s heartbeat. The human body is naturally in alignment with these gentle frequencies found in nature. They are part of the reason why nature helps reduce stress and promote happiness! In fact when the brain is in its relaxed alpha brainwave state (7-12Hz), it is in the same frequency range as the Schumann Resonance.³

“These frequencies function as a background frequency influencing the biological circuitry of much of the life on Earth.” From the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute

I’m not sure if someone has actually captured the sound of the Schumann Resonance. (Some believe it could be this resonance that was heard by the ancients and mimicked by making the sound Om, which has a distinct hum sound). If we could hear it, maybe it would sound like this video below demonstrates. The sound is so relaxing, it just may shift your whole day!

The Earth’s Song by NASA

Another fascinating example of Earth’s unheard sounds is NASA’s audio which captured chirps and beeps they call the Earth’s song. It almost sounds like an underwater experience.

“Suspended in the dark cosmos, Earth sings to itself in a high-pitched chorus of chirps and beeps. This song is a product of very low frequency radio waves generated by lightning strikes or excited electrons…” -From NASA’s website

It’s magical and uplifting to think of the coherent energy around us as a song. Without the song, human bodies degenerate quickly. NASA has had an interest in this phenomenon since astronauts would display various symptoms when they left the Earth’s ionosphere.⁴

The gentle songs of Earth support every human, plant, and animal to sing its own song. What is our song? It is well-being, bliss, happiness, creativity, alignment and much more. It’s information and consciousness that our bodies, minds and spirits require to exist. It’s time to tune into these songs with the intention to nourish ourselves and let our spirits fly.

Let the song of the Earth help you shine!


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