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The Unheard Noise of Man-Made EMFs

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

These days there isn’t much emphasis placed on tuning into the grand symphony of life and not much thought is given to the fact that we are a part of – or distanced from – this symphony of life. Yet it is simply by frequency that we either experience the magic and miracle of life or the distress and disease of being out of tune (or a state betwixt and between).

One of the greatest, yet relatively unknown, challenges of our age are the effects of man-made frequencies on all of life. Instead of enjoying the gentle, natural songs that support life, we have welcomed with open arms, the exact opposite energy into our homes, schools, and workplaces without a second thought. Since most people either can’t feel these energies or don’t realize they are feeling them, they carry on unnoticed. We have begun to replace the grand symphony with a grand experiment.

Unlike natural energies, man-made frequencies are incoherent and non-beneficial. Unlike natural energies, they are called electro-smog since they pollute the environment.

If nature’s frequencies, such as the Schumann Resonance, can calm, relax, and help keep us in tune, then the reverse is true for man-made, out-of-tune frequencies which are known to stimulate, accelerate, or depress.

If the Schumann Resonance is like a massage to our bodies, minds and spirits at 7.83Hz¹, then it can be literally shocking to learn that a wifi router can give off frequencies upwards of 6Ghz (that’s 6,000,000,000 Hz) or more. (However the stability of the frequency is more important than how low or high the frequency is. In other words, the sun has a high frequency as well, but it's of a stable nature and one that we evolved with unlike wireless.)

Hearing the Unheard Discord

If man-made frequencies were audible to the human ear they would sound like discord. EMF meters are able to detect man-made frequencies, such as radio-frequency, and translate them into sounds we can hear.

I remember the first time I heard these frequencies and it was a memorable day. Intuitively I knew this was not the sound of health. For many years I’d enjoyed sound healing music and meditations and the sound of EMFs struck the wrong chord, literally! These frequencies have the ability to move through matter, but what is really moving through us? The frequencies are carrying the data packets of people’s emails, texts, and phone calls. The human body senses these energies as toxins and has to work to eliminate them.²

(I don’t know about you, but after listening to that, I think I’ll go back to my last blog post to listen to the Schumann Resonance again!)

Our world is seemingly falling apart. Could it be due in part to filling our world with incoherent energy that is not a part of the grand symphony of life? This incoherent energy does not have the information “codes” so to speak to create or sustain life. If the great symphony of life is consciousness, then man-made frequencies represent our collective unconsciousness. But our unconsciousness is being slowly stirred so we can wake up and make better choices for ourselves and our planet.

I believe that man-made frequencies have an important role to play, a silver lining so to speak. Much of our current reality is based upon an outdated model that doesn’t see the body as an energy system and much less one that is home to a spirit. Man-made frequencies are a teaching tool for us to become aware of ourselves on a deeper level. As we collectively deepen our understanding that we are an energy system (and more!), we can make better choices in alignment with our song and the song of life.

Peace and well-being begins at a foundational level with peaceful frequencies that support well-being. Nature was here long before us and will be here long after us. It behooves us to listen to the wisdom of her song.

What is your body listening to?

Shine on!

Sources: 1. “Research.”, 2. "Effects of electromagnetic fields exposure on the antioxidant defense system." Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure, Volume 5, Issue 4, December 2017, Pages 167-176. Science Direct,


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