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A Smart Meter Fire Story

Updated: May 27

Smart Meters Usually Give Off Wireless Radiation

Sometimes you just have to laugh at life and love how the universe works. Not long after I became sensitive to EMFs, I was chatting with my next door neighbor who has lived in the neighborhood far longer than I have. She is a gentle senior citizen in her 80s who is pretty adventurous. We've shared some wonderful stories about how she raced cars and loves playing golf. On this particular day I was struck by what she told me.

"You know, Jen, my smart meter caught on fire several years ago and smoldered," she said. "Not only that, the utility company considered it my property and I had to buy another one."

"Holy moly!" I exclaimed. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I had heard about this online, but never in real life. She went on to share about this misadventure. My ear was glued to my wired landline phone as I listened intently.

Three main thoughts all flashed into my head as she continued her story:

  • The outside of my condo's garage is the home to her smart meter, my smart meter, along with a few others in the complex. The fire was literally on my garage wall!

  • I had heard from online sources about smart meter fires happening, but never to someone I knew.

  • I couldn't believe she had to pay for the new meter. I had heard about this and it was true! What sort of twisted logic is that? How are citizens responsible for a meter installed by a utility company? What about the manufacturer's liability? If the meter was in fact the source of her meter's fire, who is allowing these companies to get away with faulty meters? The amount of corporate bullying clients endure in this situation is astonishing.

When I first became sensitive, I went back and forth about removing at least my smart meter and replacing it with an analog meter. This is because smart meters give off wireless frequencies every However, the Building Biologist who came to my home measured the wireless radiation being emitted and it wasn't affecting my home. Just removing one of the several meters on the garage wall also wasn't going to be that helpful.

Listen to the wireless frequency being emitted by a smart meter. [Video timestamp 1:38]. An analog meter will not sound like this since it doesn't emit this level of radio-frequency (RF). Some may say that smart meters give off as much wireless radiation as cell phones, but that is not a consolation! The issue with all of this technology isn't so much the high frequencies, it's the incoherence and incompatibility to the human body.

How do you know what type of meter you have? Smart meters look like the one at the top of this article. They have digital displays. Analog meters look like the photo below:

Analog Meters Generally Do Not Emit Wireless Radiation

Remember: "Smart" usually means dumb when it comes to your shine!

Smart meter photo courtesy of Wikicommons.


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