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What Is Song-Shine?

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

In the whirlwind of life, it's easy to forget that our bodies require the energies of nature to thrive and maintain harmony. Nature's energies are the original energy medicine for our bodies. They support our health and the health of all beings. The nature of these energies is coherence. Think of it as bathing in the vibration of joy and beauty!

These energies were the only energies our bodies knew for millennia until man-made frequencies, such as wireless, came on the scene. It's never been more important to be mindful of the energies around you. Just like being mindful of eating organic or using non-toxic cleaning products, the energies around you can either support health, be non-beneficial or even toxic depending upon how sensitive you are.

Song-shine is a name that came to me to describe natural, coherent, beneficial energies that support health and well being. They are frequencies that some have described throughout history as the song of life. In the past, the song of life was well-known. My feeling is that this was because it was a quieter and slower time with less distraction. Only in recent history have we forgotten about the song, its meaning and how critical it is to life and well-being (our shine!). Luckily we are awakening from our slumber.

Specific examples of song-shine are:

  • The Earth’s energy

  • The Schumann Resonance

  • The ocean’s energy and aura

  • A bit of sunshine

  • Starlight and cosmic rays

  • Bird song

  • Energy healing modalities (like reiki)

  • Sound healing

  • Many other coherent sounds and energies that are beneficial to the mind, body and spirit.

In other words, song-shine is natural, high quality sound and energy. It's nature's energy medicine; the frequencies that heal.

​​A person who is tuned into their body feels these beneficial energies as calming, centering, nourishing and nurturing because they are. These energies are more yin (restful and still) in nature. We have evolved with these energies for generations and it’s in these energies where the magic of life is held.

The Schumann Resonance, a slow 7.83Hz, is said to be the heartbeat of Mother Earth. It is also the frequency of our alpha brainwave state that helps us maintain personal balance.¹ At some point in our history we decided to create the opposite of these beneficial energies and now we are swimming in man-made frequency soup much of the time. (As I’m writing this, a hummingbird is chatting up a storm outside as if to add to urgency and song-shine to this article.)

Some of the most common natural frequencies:² (In Hertz, or cycles per second)

  • Human heart rate – 1.2Hz

  • Lowest frequency of a whale – 8Hz

  • Cat purrs – 20Hz – 50Hz

  • Hummingbird flapping its wings – 50Hz

  • Human voice – 250Hz

  • Dolphins’ highest range – 200K-500K Hz

Some common man-made household frequencies:

  • Microwave oven – 2450MHz (=2,450,000,000Hz)³

  • Wifi routers – some these days are emitting up to 5GHz (=5,000,000,000Hz)

  • Cell frequencies – 700MHz up to 1700/2100MHz (=700,000,000 – 2,100,000,000Hz)

Although the difference between natural frequencies and man-made household frequencies is astounding when comparing Hertz, sound healers say that in some ways it may not matter how high a frequency is, it’s more about whether it is coherent or not. Coherence is important when it comes to frequencies because it equates with harmony. Non-coherence means chaos and chaos can mean dis-harmony when it comes to the human body. Man-made frequencies such as wifi and cell frequencies are not coherent and therefore are non-beneficial. (To hear how these frequencies “sound” check out my post Discord Unheard.)

Many of us are supporting a healthier world by eating organic foods, drinking filtered water, using green cleaning products in our homes and the like. However, one of the primary and hidden sources of toxins are man-made frequencies. We wonder about all the health issues in the world, but have forgotten about the basics – the health giving energy around us. We can focus on maximizing this energy every day while minimizing non-beneficial man-made frequencies. The human energy field and body has to sort all these out!

These days it sometimes feels like good old natural earth energy is going out of style as wireless technologies increase. But it won’t be able to go out of style because our biology requires earth energy to thrive. This song of life informs our bodies with nurturing frequencies, information and consciousness. We are the song! Wireless devices add distortion to a home’s energy field and can add distortion to the human energy field. You have control over what devices you allow into your life. There is always a way to minimize non-beneficial frequencies.

Are you getting enough Song-Shine?

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