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Reduce EMF & Live Healthier in the Age of Wireless and Virus


Hi, I'm Jen! Thanks for stopping by!


As our world is increasingly being showered with man-made electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) such as wireless technology, all of nature is being affected, not only ourselves. Birds, bees, trees and insects, just like humans, were not created to be in this artificial environment long term. As a nature lover and someone who is sensitive to man-made EMFs, I found this to be particularly concerning.


There is much debate out there about EMFs. However, research going back decades shows EMFs have no health benefits. The truth is simple - humans and all of nature are supposed to be embraced by natural frequencies as they have been for millennia until the recent past. Nature's energy = shine and well-being.

EMFs and Me

Several years ago, I reached a tipping point in my sensitivity to EMFs after working next to a small cell tower for 1.5 years. I could no longer work in my office since I would have terrible symptoms. Many people wondered how I knew it was the tower. Well, it was the same story as other sensitives - as soon as I left my office, I felt much better.

At the height of my sensitivity, while driving on the freeway, I could feel the effects of a cell tower before it came into view. My vision would get blurry and my feet would start tingling. This is not a talent I recommend! Our bodies are not supposed to be an EMF meter.

Around this time I first heard what cell phone radiation sounded like with an EMF meter. That experience changed my life. In that pivotal moment, I intuitively understood that it was not the sound of health. In fact, when someone is in good health, we use the term "sound health." Sound health is created by the "sound" of nature's energies, not man-made EMFs.

Why I started this website:

  • My family doctor had no frame of reference for what I was talking about as I explained working next to the tower. He said, "There is no evidence for that." This was completely false. There is plenty of science. Luckily there are many doctors who are experienced in environmental illness who get it.

  • There is so little information on how to reduce or eliminate sensitivity out there. When I became sensitive, I met other sensitives, some who had been sensitive for years and years. I knew when this happened to me that I would find a way to reduce or eliminate my sensitivity. I share what I've learned on my blog. Hopefully some of the insights help you.

  • Frequency is everything. Health is a frequency. EMFs are not a health giving frequency. It's time to look at things in terms of the quality of the frequency. Nature's energies are coherent and nurturing. Man-made EMFs are not.

  • Nature's energy medicine is the song of life. The song of life keeps us healthy and in tune with our song - our well-being. When we are out of touch with our song of well-being, we are experiencing too much stress which can lead to health issues. Keep yourself in tune by listening to your body and implementing strategies that help.

My Background

Here's a bit more about me:

  • Bachelor's degree in International Business with a minor in Spanish

  • Certified Building Biologist Advocate for creating healthy homes

  • Reiki Master with attunements to other healing modalities such as Aka Dua I

  • Ho'oponopono Basic I Certificate

My interests:

  • The wisdom and beauty of nature and the nature spirits

  • Earth healing and how the earth heals us

  • Energy medicine and energy medicine yoga

  • Meditation

  • Space clearing and feng shui

  • Reading and studying

  • Receiving messages from nature

  • Ancient earth technologies

  • The works and life of J.R.R. Tolkien

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