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Align With Nature - Reduce EMFs In Your Home Now!

Yes, You Can Clear Out Pesky EMFs In Your Home!

I get it. Once you hear about man-made EMFs, it can feel overwhelming to reduce them in your home and life. They are silent and sometimes it's hard to know where to start. I can help you navigate and reduce EMFs with clarity and ease. Yes, you can do this!

  • Create an "organic" home by reducing or eliminating the EMF culprits around you.

  • Make your home a sanctuary for peace and well-being.

  • Help the planet and all of life by reducing the toxic load created by wireless technologies.

What is the nature of the issue? Man-made EMFs are not the frequencies that Mother Earth intended for us. They are not beneficial energies, but toxins our bodies and the planet have to deal with. Many people have a hard time wrapping their heads around this fact since EMFs are silent and not able to be easily detected and because there hasn't been adequate EMF education.


Listen to the videos below to hear the difference between life giving energies and non-beneficial EMFs. The truth is as clear as a bell!

The Songs of Nature Are The Source of Well-being

Nature's energy medicine is natural electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) which are all around us. These energies are alive and vital. They are gentle and coherent vibrations that nourish our bodies. They run through all of life - plants and animals, rocks and crystals - everything. Examples of these energies include: Earth and nature energies, the Schumann Resonance (the Earth's heartbeat), sunlight, starlight, cosmic rays, and even energy healing. We would not exist without them. My name for these healing energies is song-shine - the frequencies of shine.

Nature's energy medicine is the original medicine. These energies promote well-being and "sound health" since they are stable integral energies. All of these frequencies carry vital information and they work with the intelligence of our bodies to support us. They are truly feel-good vibrations! They are the frequencies human bodies evolved with. If you're an energy connoisseur, it can't get much better than nature's energy medicine, yet they are being taken for granted in our modern age.


Listen to the beautiful coherent "chorus" of our Earth, called Earthsong by NASA.

From NASA's website regarding Earthsong: Suspended in the dark cosmos, Earth sings to itself in a high-pitched chorus of chirps and beeps. This song is a product of very low frequency radio waves generated by lightning strikes or excited electrons....But could Earth's chorus be a siren song?


Here's the sound of the sun from NASA. Notice how it's a coherent hum.

Finally, here is a representation of what the Schumann Resonance may sound like if it were audible. The Schumann Resonance, also called the Earth's heartbeat, is created when lightning strikes the Earth. Then waves are formed that bounce between the Earth and the ionosphere. Some believe that it is the Schumann Resonance the ancients heard and described as a hum vibration, the OM. The frequency of the Schumann Resonance is understood to be about 7.83Hz. While in the alpha brainwave state, the human brain is in a frequency range from 7Hz to 12Hz, like the Schumann Resonance. No wonder this is so relaxing!

The Unheard Noise of Man-Made EMF

In our current wireless age, we are still receiving the health-giving frequencies of the earth and cosmos of course. However, increasingly, noisy music of a different tune is proliferating - that of man-made electro-magnetic frequencies such as those given off by cell phones, wi-fi, tablets, etc. Their songs are not gentle and hypnotic like Earthsong and they have no benefit to the human body. In fact, it can be quite the opposite for many as they disrupt nature's gentle energies. The information man-made EMF carries (0s and 1s, or data) is meant to be translated by technology, but they pass through our bodies too. These frequencies are foreign to the body, a toxin. Experts call them "freaky frequencies," electro-smog and electro-pollution. These frequencies are not an energetic blueprint for life like nature's energy medicine is.


The nature of the issue is that this isn't nature in terms of the frequency dosages or stability! I believe that the independent science behind man-made frequencies (as well as their "sound") should be mainstream. Everyone should have a fair chance to know the risks and make educated decisions for themselves about how much of these frequencies they'd like in their lives. Radio-frequencies (RF) are one type of man-made EMF which are commonly known as wireless. In the video below, an RF meter demonstrates the "sounds" of 5 different sources of wireless - a cell tower, a wifi router, a cordless phone, a smart meter and a cell phone.

Tips to Keep on Shining!


Implement ALARA

Work with nature and your body's nature. Reduce EMFs in your home with the ALARA principles - time, distance, shielding.


Get out in Nature

 Nature deficiency is a real thing. Tune into the energies of nature for health, well-being and longevity.


Find Your Shine!

Stress reduction is a way to find your shine - try meditation, walking, yoga or energy medicine.

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