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Reduce Man-Made EMF For a Home that Shines!

Let the Song-Shine in!

Man-made electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF), like wireless tech, are the junk food of the energy world. I mean, eating junk food every so often isn't bad, right? But EMF is around most people 24/7. There is no break. When you are out in public, there is no option to avoid it. There is not an option to sit in a "no radiofrequency" section in restaurants. It's important to give your body a break. Just a few short decades ago, we weren't surrounded by wireless tech. Nature's energy, aka song-shine, is medicine for the body. It is the energy that the body should be surrounded by. Man-made EMF (like wireless) reduces and interferes with nature's energy medicine. Learn to maximize song-shine in your life to maximize your health, longevity and beauty!


I practice what is called ALARA - as low as reasonably achievable - when it comes to wireless energy. You can read more about ALARA here. The gist of it is this - if there is no direct benefit to the EMF exposure, you should avoid it. Although there is never a direct benefit to wireless exposure (other than convenience), at least there are easy measures to take that can make a difference.

Tame Your Tech - Coming Soon!


Get my FREE downloadable PDF - Tame Your Tech - with the 8 top tips to begin reducing man-made EMF right now. It begins with the devices closest to your body. (Pssst..distance is your friend.) In addition, the PDF includes the 8 top tips to help you sleep better if you think EMFs are interfering with your sleep. It also includes 8 tips to help you sleep that are not specific to EMFs.

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