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When My Body Was the EMF Meter

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Feeling man-made EMF is no fun. When I first became sensitive to it, my body was literally the meter for wireless (radio-frequency microwave radiation) and electric fields (mostly from light fixtures above my head). To make a little fun though, I was like a detective at the time. No need to buy expensive meters, ha ha! If I was out for my morning walk, I could tell if someone who walked by me had their phone in their pocket. (Shameless plug - Never keep your phone on your body!) I could tell when my mom accidentally forgot to put her phone on airplane mode when she came to visit. When I was driving on the freeway, I'd be able to feel and then hone in on the closest cell tower like a guided missile locking into its target. For some reason I started noticing lots of power lines when I never noticed them before, even though had driven the same route 5 days a week in the past. It felt surreal to see all of these huge, ugly power lines that have taken over the landscape where it used to be beautiful land full of nature.

Going into stores really got interesting. I could feel how unbalanced the energy was in a store like Target with countless cell phones, wi-fi, and electric fields from hell, not to mention the air quality. (And during the virus-that-shall-not-be-named, there was another layer of unbalance to these already energetically unbalanced places.) I was repulsed at how unhealthy these places felt. I immersed myself in natural energy for the majority of my time so to go out and visit these places was sort of shocking. The energy quality in my life had improved so much that being in those places was like the difference between eating a super healthy soul nourishing meal or McDonald's. How did we get to having awful feeling environments? I started to feel for the employees, swimming in all sorts of EMF soup and other toxins. Honestly we have no idea what we have done and what we are doing.

At the time I remember reading advice someone gave to keep your cell phone at least 9 feet away from you throughout the day. It isn't half bad advice really, but it depends upon who you are. It's definitely better than having it next to you, but ideally it's kept on airplane mode to keep your airspace clean and electro-smog free. At the time I read the advice, I could feel a phone from 25 feet away. I also remember hearing that most appliances, like a TV or refrigerator give off electric fields but they die off after 8-9 feet, but not for me. I could still feel the TV from a greater distance.

What was it I felt that made my body an EMF meter? With cell phones, I could feel a specific pain inside my head that I had never felt before. It would happen only around cell phones, and not all of them, oddly. It made me wonder about those phones. Around cell towers I would get tingling feet and blurry vision. Those were mild symptoms because I could easily drive away. When I had to be near the cell antenna at my work as mentioned here, I would get shaky, feel hunger when I wasn't hungry, get really tingly and more.

When people call man-made EMF an 'electric cage' they aren't kidding. Entire cities have no space spared from it. Just think about that for a moment. Where is the song-shine to be found? Well, it's still there amongst all the electro-smog just waiting for us to regain our senses and respect for these unseen yet extremely important and powerful earth energies. Our native energies give us more than we can imagine - health and well-being, peace and calm and a connection to nature. It's time to respect the energies that give us life and not pollute them with man-made EMF that is of no benefit to the human body, the earth and all its creatures.

Keep on shining!


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