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A Tale of Two (Cell) Towers

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

2019: My office window. According to a Building Biologist, the top thimble-like part emits 3G/4G while the box underneath is 5G.

"They're installing a cell tower outside," our landlady said as she warmly greeted me upon entering the office space. As I stared out the window at the small, thimble-like shaped object up above, I wondered how she knew it was a cell tower. I had never seen one like that and didn't really (want to) think much about it in the days to come. After all, it was quite small and it was my first introduction. Who knew?

Fast forward a year and a half later and I started to have escalated symptoms of electro-sensitivity - dehydration, disrupted sleep, hunger even after eating, shakiness, headaches, stomachaches, tingling in my body, especially in my feet and blurred vision. (I say 'escalated symptoms' because I had already had trouble sleeping with wi-fi on so it would be turned off at night with success. I didn't have any other symptoms and I didn't know what I had could get worse!)

Then the day came when it was the last day I could work at the office. After a few hours had passed, I started having that funny hunger feeling and felt shaky and my hands were shaking. Then I felt a lot more tingling and felt really, really uncomfortable and hot so I knew I had to leave. It's was an easy decision because of my health, but hard on me in other ways because I was managing a small company. I knew it was a greater consequence to stay since I felt so bad. (Little did I know at the time I was practicing quarantining early, only I was doing it on purpose to stay out of unhealthy energies!)

Several people asked me how I knew it was the small cell that affected me. I knew because when I was outside the office space my escalated symptoms would disappear and I'd feel relief quickly. This is how many people discover an environmental sensitivity - they find out they feel so much better in other places. At home my symptoms were mild and I felt "after effects." After effects can occur in the days to come after a lot of exposure to man-made EMF. They may manifest in many ways including all the symptoms mentioned above, but also feeling cold/flu symptoms and allergy symptoms among others.

My other clue was that I had been trained in several energy healing modalities (like reiki). I was naturally more energy aware and could discern between good vibes and not so good vibes in general. But I had never felt any "not so good vibes" as awful as the man-made frequencies from the tower. To describe it as anti-life force is fitting. I felt like I had radiation poisoning and later I've heard others say the same.

As I settled into my new life at home, I was trying to learn as much as I could about wireless tech (aka radio-frequency microwave radiation which is far less glamorous a name!). I had to find out what happened to me. One thing I learned which was key was that EMFs have a cumulative effect on the body. What this means is that the more exposure you have, the faster you can manifest symptoms. That's why it's important to be aware of how much exposure you have day to day and to reduce it if you can, especially when it's totally unnecessary like when sleeping.

2015: Outside my condo in Mexico. The photo was taken because my kitty loves to meow at birds not because of the tower!!

I also learned from a Building Biologist that if you can see a cell tower from your window, many times you are being exposed to these frequencies. Gasp! I suddenly remembered that while living in a condo in Mexico, I could see a fake 'palm tree' cell tower a few blocks away. (Not to mention that I worked with the wi-fi router right near my feet, ugh!) Fortunately, I no longer live there because if I did, I may have been forced to leave. But as I'll mention in a future blog post, I didn't realize that I had had an early symptom that I didn't know at the time was an EMF sensitivity.

So two towers I was exposed to; one starting in 2010-2016 and the second from 2017-2019. Not to mention wi-fi, cell phones, other cell towers, and other wireless devices layered on top. At the time I probably had more EMF exposure than most people, however that is changing quickly as time goes on and people buy more wireless "smart" devices. (Which many of us know are not really that smart at all!) The towers are also coming closer and closer. While in 2015 a local cell tower may be blocks or miles away, now, many are really close and as I speak, some wireless devices and routers, although small, are like having a small cell tower in your home.

Many years ago, I had heard faint warnings about the radio-frequency microwave radiation emitted from cell towers, cell phones, routers and the like, but those warnings got lost in the whirlwind of life. I hadn't seen any studies. I never heard anything concrete about this fact as it was rarely talked about in media. On the surface it seemed like people were generally ok, right? All I knew was that it was unnatural energy frequency in dosages not found in nature. Being a nature lover, I knew nature always knows best! I didn't clue in on how detrimental these energies can be for many and how they affect many people unknowingly.

Towers throughout history have always been symbols of power and are sometimes mysterious. From a tower you have a vantage point. Towers are used for military and religious purposes. J.R.R. Tolkien had several ominous towers in his works and the tarot of course has a metaphorical Tower card which signifies sudden, unexpected change and being a catalyst for that change. The Tower card usually has a fire symbol (like lightning) or an image of fire itself. This signifies burning up of the old to make room for the new. As the tarot path continues, soon comes The Star (reflection and spiritual pursuit) and The Moon (listen to the body and your inner wisdom for support and security) to balance things out. Needless to say, the cell towers were part of my own personal Tower card and I planned to turn that card into a transformation and to keep calm and carry on!

As I look back, there were a three red flags I could have heeded to help me balance my energy system before my symptoms escalated. If I had only clued in a bit more, these clues could have helped me avoid serious sensitivities (or maybe they would have only delayed them). More on that in the next post! <3

Choose to shine my friends!


*Weatherstone, Lunaea and Mueller, Mickie. Mystical Cats Tarot. Llewellyn, 2014.


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