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Reduce EMF: The "Smart" (Dumb) Grid aka Internet of Things

Updated: May 26

I remember the days, way over a decade ago, when I learned about the smart grid. People were grinning from ear to ear about this innovation. I thought it was strange and unnecessary. I've always been a bit skeptical about technology, not because of the tech itself, but the humans behind it. All inventions are just a tool - one that could be used for the benefit of humanity or the detriment. In the case of the smart grid - serious skepticism is advised. Do your research and don't just succumb to the glamorous marketing or pressure from your peers.

When I told people in my life about this grid back then, they would just sorta glaze over. (Just like how people still glaze over about EMFs, so there is hope for the future!) It wasn't until I read an article in an insurance magazine many years ago and passed it along, that it started to sink in for people. The article was about how your refrigerator will talk to your health insurance company in the future to tell them what you are buying and eating. Huh? I don't know about you, but NO ONE needs to know what I'm eating. How is my business becoming other people's business? What is this all about? Most certainly it is about control. Even though I understood the smart grid's intentions in terms of electrical power, the surveillance should be a big red flag for folks.

Below is a straightforward video about the smart grid. Remember - don't believe everything you hear! This is showing the benefits of the grid, but what information is missing from this video that would be important for the public to know? Is it "fixing" a problem that doesn't really exist for the sake of tech companies? Is it truly efficient? I don't have all the answers to this, but know something isn't right and that is all I need to know.

Why I call the smart grid, a dumb grid:

  • The energy used - electricity, wireless and the like - are not in alignment with the earth's energy and definitely not in alignment with the well-being of the human body.

  • Smart devices add more layers of electro-pollution to homes; a potential toxin that is not beneficial to health. Smart meters alone have been a source of harmful radiation for some folks.

  • How is adding more wireless devices to the grid, efficient? It seems like the name of the smart grid game is efficiency. What if we realize we don't need our blender or our toothbrush to talk to our phone and the electric company? As I've written about before - why is wi-fi on 24/7 unlike other utilities we turn on and off? This is not efficient by any stretch. To create wi-fi, you need electricity.

  • It's for the sake of convenience, but convenience as many of us know, has a cost.

  • It is harvesting your data (information about your life).

  • It isn't secure. Adding more "smart" devices means more tech vulnerability for you. Haven't we already learned with with the "fears" of cyber attacks on our water and other utilities?

In our world where life is constructed to make it feel like we need this or that to be more efficient, really we don't need any of these things. I've lived many decades without them and I will continue to live without them. I always say "no" to smart appliances. Until the technology changes and no longer emits incoherent, non-beneficial frequencies to the human body, there isn't anything smart about them. At this point, it's an electro-magnetic cage that I can do without.

Say "no" to smart tech to keep on shining!


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