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Wi-Fi Waste: Why Is Wi-Fi On 24/7?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Back in the day, I wondered why wi-fi was on 24/7. This was before most alarm systems were wi-fi enabled. I (sorta) get why people keep it on 24/7 now, but back then, why? It may sound like a ridiculous question, one that is getting more ridiculous as more "smart" (aka environmentally polluting) devices are rolled out, but really it's a curious one.

I don't have all the answers as to why, other than it was what the internet providers sold to us and we went along with it. If you think about it though, it's the only utility we keep on when it isn't being used. I mean, do you keep your water running when you don't need water? Do you keep your lights on, just 'cause? Is your stove on just in case you decide to use it that day? You get where I'm going. Nothing runs 24/7 except wi-fi. Further, it takes a lot of electricity to create all the wasted wi-fi. And you are paying for it and so is the environment.

Back in the day when I mused about this, I thought people should be pooling their wi-fi to save money and resources. Why does each home need to pay for wi-fi when you're sharing your wi-fi field with all your close neighbors anyway? In one community I lived in there were dozens of wi-fi fields within range. The routers are strong enough to shower other homes with the fields, so why are we wasting electric resources by overlapping and layering wi-fi fields? I know, I know, it's odd to think about this, but that is how my brain works.

In California there is a goal to get everyone into electric vehicles and use electric stoves. However, in the summer we are sometimes told to stop using the grid because it's hot and everyone wants to keep their A/C on. They send out notices of possible rolling blackouts. People with electric cars are told not to charge them. Does it make any sense to add more to the strain of the electric grid while telling people not to use it? Why don't we save on electricity to help the environment by requiring the telecom companies to only serve wi-fi on demand? Musing, I think, "Maybe it could be metered like any other utility and you pay for what you use." Who knows.

If you know me a bit by now, you know that I will never have wi-fi again. I've been down the rabbit hole and won't come back. (At the very beginning I thought I was going to come back!) I prefer to use ethernet, not only because I want an energetically clean and harmonious home, but because the connection is so much better. I also don't have any guilt about harming others, neighbors, my pets or the birds and other animals that visit my yard. I find it curious that ethernet isn't the gold standard at home like it is in most businesses. Wi-fi could then be used occasionally when needed in moderation. Here is an article about schools removing wi-fi.

If you really must use wi-fi, TechWellness sells a great gizmo that allows you to kill it when you aren't using it. Check out 2023's Best Wi-fi Kill Switch. Since my wi-fi has been permanently killed, I obviously don't use it, but I think it's an excellent idea for those who won't kill their wi-fi permanently. Reducing exposure is always a good idea. As telecoms turn up the heat with more and higher cell frequencies, becoming EMF savvy at home will be the norm.

Keep on shining - kill your wi-fi if you can!


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