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Man-made EMFs Are Elements of Mother Nature, But!

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

When I first became sensitive to man-made EMFs, I was looking for resources and solutions from many angles. One of those was energy medicine, which in my opinion is a must to build resiliency to man-made frequencies. I found a practitioner who had some knowledge of man-made EMFs from the perspective of how they throw the body's systems out of kilter. I loved that someone out there was directly addressing the EMF issue! Although many get the issue pretty deeply, there can sometimes be a missing piece for me to explore. This was the case with the energy medicine practitioner.

The practitioner first mentioned a well-known quote from Einstein: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” I could tell how she was trying to allay fears. Then she went on to say that because energy can't be created or destroyed, man-made EMFs are essentially, Mother Nature, just like natural EMFs! And that was that. Wha wha what? At the time I heard this, my gut immediately did somersaults. I wasn't totally sure why, but this would stay on my mind for a long time. I couldn't really integrate that statement.

I'm bringing this up, not to be critical about someone's work because her work is invaluable given the times we are in. We need more people with her awareness. I bring it up because I've heard this statement in other places, and it can lead people to think that man-made EMFs are OK - they're just nature. Although I don't fully agree with her, I appreciate her work and for helping me ultimately discern and research why her statement was feeling off. Yes, man-made EMFs are made up of the elements Mother Nature provides - fire especially. But! They are also not nature:

  • Nature does not create these frequencies in the dosages we are receiving.

  • Our bodies and auras have never witnessed this level of artificially created EMFs ever.

  • The frequencies are not the frequencies of perfection, like nature's frequencies. Sacred geometry found in plants and flowers for example, is the physical manifestation of nature's energetic perfection. Man-made EMF will not manifest as sacred geometry. Take a look at this blog post about Dr. Emoto's work with ice crystals.

  • Natural EMFs are life giving (unless overexposed, for example to the sun or lightning). There are no known benefits from wireless EMFs.

  • Nature's frequencies are calming and peaceful to support health. Man-made EMFs can be stimulating and chaotic.

  • If you like to read scientific papers, here's one from Polarization: A Key Difference between Man-made and Natural Electromagnetic Fields, in regard to Biological Activity.

The difference between man-made EMFs and natural EMFs is like the difference between a cell tower "tree" and a real tree. At first you may not really notice something isn't right about that cell tower "tree" but when you get closer and dig deeper, more is revealed. Both trees are made with the elements of nature, both seem similar, but the real deal from nature is always the best option.

On the planet right now we are in such an unusual situation. We are continuously being bombarded with man-made degraded forms of nature that Mother Nature would never create on her own. We can chose nature's wisdom and perfection or not. We can choose the best organic food or something that is parading as food like GMOs. We can choose from the best water or drink denatured tap water. We can be in nature to soak in the natural EMFs or we can shower ourselves with artificial frequencies. The choice is up to each individual.

The solution to healing from sensitivity to man-made EMFs is not a simple one. At the beginning, I thought I'd heal up in a month or so and go back to the office. Ha! Soon I realized that what was being presented to me was total transformation - taking a look at my life and my relationship to nature in order to align better with nature. Where could I tune in better? Where could I be more integral? Where was there artificiality to discard? If I simply went back to my previous life, I would be of little help to nature and myself. Ultimately what I've had to learn is to listen to my own inner wisdom of what will and won't work for me. It will be different for others with the same sensitivity. Sensitivity to EMFs is training to be more intuitive and to listen to nature's wisdom. The world needs it.

Listen to your intuition and nature's wisdome to shine!


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