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Discord Made Visible

Dr. Emoto’s delicate and beautiful crystals featured in my previous post Song Made Visible, feel like a solace for the soul, especially in these times of great stress. Dr. Emoto also worked with less-than-love energies and frequencies and the results are telling. Many frequencies, like man-made electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) can diminish the spark of life, “the shine.”

I’m particularly interested in the results of man-made electro-magnetic radiation on water. Among the man-made frequencies Dr. Emoto worked with are those from microwave ovens and cell phones. Below are photos from his work Messages From Water, Vol 2. In the first photo below, water was exposed to microwave radiation for 15 seconds. In the second photo the same water was was shown the words "love and gratitude."

In the third photo (below), water was exposed to a cell phone for “a minute at a time and we called 10 times without speaking.”¹ In the fourth photo the same water was was shown the words "love and gratitude."

Since The Hidden Messages In Water was published, science has proven what Dr. Emoto suspected – cell phones are not any better for the body.­² It’s amazing to note that water that was shown “love and gratitude” while being exposed to a microwave or cell phone was more resilient. However, the “love and gratitude” crystal that didn’t have any exposure to a microwave or cell phone at all (shown below) is far more spectacular in form.

“The distilled water heated in the microwave resulted in a crystal similar to that created by the word “evil,” and water exposed to a mobile phone can’t be much better for your body.” ~Dr. Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages In Water

Love and gratitude

It’s important to note that Dr. Emoto photographed the crystals in the early 2000s (and the water’s exposure was only a few seconds or minutes). Some 15-20 years later, our environments are more saturated with man-made frequencies than back then. At that time, wifi was not a 24/7 staple in most households and most didn’t know where their neighborhood cell tower was located. Most people didn’t have their phones on 24/7 near their body.

While it’s great to be in love and gratitude for the blessings in our life, it doesn’t seem to be a replacement for reducing man-made EMF.

More Discord Made Visible

If the song of life were visible, I believe it would look like orbs of light dancing in the air moving with us. If wifi were visible, well, maybe it would look like the image below. Artist Nickolay Lamm worked with NASA astrobiologist M. Browning Vogel, Ph.D to create several images to represent visible wifi.³ (Another is the first image shown on this blog). Fascinating, yet frightening at the same time.

“Wifi waves travel through space as rapid, data encoded pulses or waves. A freeze frame of these pulses would show that the pulses are about 6 inches apart (as shown by the lightly colored bands traveling through space in this image). Wifi routers are basically antenna that can send data over multiple frequencies all at the same time. These multiple frequencies are shown as blue, green, yellow, and red colors that pervade the space around the mall. The data from these multiple frequencies swirls around in space as shown here, but can be translated using a common tag system understood by wireless devices.”

~Dr. Vogel

Some believe this EMF “electro-smog” is affecting the earth's natural songs, like the Schumann Resonance which support our electro-magnetic health.⁴ The Schumann Resonance is supposed to bounce between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

“Research within the last several decades demonstrates that alterations in geomagnetic activity from man-made electromagnetic technology – “electro-smog” – have caused significant changes in the intensity and stability of the Schumann resonance. Telecommunication technology operates within the Earth’s ionosphere cavity and these artificial signals can influence and even change the Schumann resonance to flux outside its normal spectrum. This in turn can potentially induce alterations in the normal resonance with many Earth life-forms, particularly influencing brain rhythms and human physiology synchronization.” ~ Bioregulatory Medicine Institute

Another fascinating, yet frightening example of wifi made visible are the photos of Luis Hernan. Luis’ photos were taken with long exposures and a Kirlian device. The red areas are the the strongest signal, and on down to blue being the weakest. Luis wore black clothing in order to be as inconspicuous as possible while being photographed with his cell phone for 5 minutes.

Photo by Luis Hernan

If you understand that we have an energy field around us (an aura or biofield), you may be wondering like I am...”What is happening to his aura?!” Eek!

When wireless technology became unbearable for me to be around, an energy healer told me I had a hole in my aura. The hole in my aura was in the exact location of said technology. The aura is compromised before the body starts to display symptoms. (That's why practicing energy medicine for example can help build resilience in your energy field.)

The frequencies of life are so pure in their original form. As man creates unnatural frequencies, distortions are created in ourselves and our environments. Saturating our environments with unnatural energy has consequences. These energies are responsible for miscreations and unnecessary stress.

As someone who can feel the harm from wireless frequencies, Dr. Emoto’s photos make sense to me. My experience has shown me that reducing or eliminating man-made EMF has nothing but positive benefits. It's the benefits and results that matter, nothing else. I’m able to sleep better, have more energy, and a clearer mind. My surroundings are peaceful like nature intended. Without all the EMF static on the line, so to speak, my intuitive voice is more loud and clear.

Seek song-shine my friends and shine on!


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