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I Say 'No' To Deteriorated Environments

I remember the early days after the Tower Card visited me and how I'm a completely different person than I was back then. After I started working from home due to fairly severe electro-sensitivity symptoms, I was quite motivated to dive into healing myself up and "going back to normal." My goal was to get back to the small office I was managing in a couple of months. I was in for a surprise. Sometimes the universe (the one verse) doesn't deliver what you want. It is asking you to sing a completely different song. A better song. Although at the time this can feel unnerving, it's always for the best.

Little did I know at the time that my electro-sensitivity was calling for a total change in how I looked at life and how I lived. For me it's been another paradigm shift. As I was taking action to heal myself up, I was also learning more about man made EMFs such as wireless and realizing that humanity has lost it's mind! The heavy programming (distorted song) that we are under says that man made EMFs are normal and nothing to worry about. Looking out at the collective they say there are more and more diseases (unsound health) and people are getting them at younger ages. Is there a connection? I believe there is. Some say we are electrical beings before we are chemical. I agree. Our body's electrical health is a huge key to well-being. Our electrical health comes directly from nature and can be impaired by electrical signals that are incoherent such was wireless.

As reality sunk in for me - that I wouldn't be going back to the office - looking back, that was really the best for me even though it felt uncomfortable. I was pretty much out of harm's way watching everyone go on with their lives in harm's way, especially at the office. Although most in the office knew my situation, it got lost in the day to day. They weren't on the wavelength to understand even when presented with science to back up my claims. They didn't understand what was really going on and what it meant for them. (Been there, done that.) They had never heard the sound of man-made EMFs - which is not the sound of health. (Hearing EMFs is what really drove the fact home for me that EMFs are unsound for our health.) So I had to focus my energy on myself and hope that they would be OK.

I continued on, using myself as a guinea pig for all sorts of healing modalities to see what felt effective and what didn't. I upped all my practices, like meditation and energy healing, and added new ones. I reached out to an environmental doctor who understood my symptoms more than my primary doctor. During the course of several months as I started to heal up I had an inner change that started to reflect in my outer world:

There is no way I'm going back to an energetically deteriorated environment. I deserve better and so does the planet.

My home was already relatively low in EMFs since I had had a couple of visits from a Building Biologist. Only my neighbor's wifi contaminates my home to some degree. I have no wireless source in my home. I was loving how great it felt to enjoy being in a home that was what nature intended. It felt earthier and more peaceful. I got used to being spoiled by nature's energies. I started bonding with nature more often and realized although I loved nature, I wasn't smelling the roses as much as I should. Like many lost in the distraction of life, I was divorced from nature in many ways.

As I visited with nature more often, my interest in living my life according to the mainstream madness, waned. (I considered this gaining my sanity back!) Of course I had to leave my home for this or that, but my overall time spent in a healthier environment dramatically increased. I understand now that this is because nature is calling us back in many ways and this is just one way. We can't continue to destroy nature and man-made EMFs are part of the issue. We are being called to a better reality and have to change ourselves to get there.

Energetically healthy environments help you and nature to shine!


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