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Energy Medicine: The Daily Routine

Energy medicine has been such a big part of my healing from EMF overexposure. It feels so good to get my energies humming for the day!

In this video below, Pauline demonstrates Donna Eden's daily energy routine. Some of the exercises she demonstrates are very important after your energies are flowing in the correct direction as mentioned in this previous post.

A few important things I've learned about this routine:

  • The second of the four thumps can sometimes get your energies moving in the right direction if they are reversed. (This result may vary depending on how reversed a person is.)

  • The cross crawl and the Wayne Cook posture both demonstrate the second most important energy flow in the body after the body's energies are flowing in the right direction - the cross over. Our body's energies naturally cross over. When we walk we naturally cross over - our arms will swing out and in front of the mid line of the body. This reinforces this healthy energy flow. When we have been overly stressed or have an illness, the body's energies can start to flow unilaterally instead of crossing over.

Note that if you feel good with these exercises, it could be that you needed them! Repeat as often as necessary. Sometimes at the beginning repeating them often is required to help your body relearn the healthy pattern.

Keep your energies humming to shine!


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