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Energy Medicine: Reversed Polarity

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

In my experience, one of the most critical elements of healing from electro-sensitivity is maintaining the body's energies flowing in the right direction. If your energies are flowing in a reversed way, your body is repelling the earth's energy from nourishing your body and aura to various degrees. In this day and age we are disconnected from the fact that nature provides us with our supply of energy! We just need to be tapped in. If you lack energy or feel negative emotions that don't easily go away, you may be reversed.

In this previous blog post, I outlined what reversed polarity is and some of the ways it happens.

Reversed polarity can happen to anyone. It is caused by stress. Generally our body's energy flows can naturally correct themselves and move in the right direction once the body has a chance to relax and rest. However, if your body is under stress for a longer period of time, the flows can stay reversed for longer periods, keeping the body in a state of distress. (Hand raised!) This is called 'chronic reversed polarity.' For this reason, several years ago I worked with a practitioner who helped me get my energies to flow in the right direction. Since then, I've learned much more and wanted to share more tips about it and what I feel led to being chronically reversed.

I feel that I was chronically reversed due to the unnatural state of my life. Although my life looked "normal" for a life lived in the matrix, to my body it was anything but. There was the rush to get everything done, too much computer time, eating who knows what when I ate out, eating in only half an hour at work, and basically my life was surrounded by concrete and man-made EMFs. In this modern day we have wandered so far from nature and then we wonder why our bodies protest! We are living the total opposite way from what nature intended - a reverse reality really - and we wonder why there is so much illness these days.

What are some indicators you may be reversed? Feeling drained, a lack of energy, feeling stressed for an extended time, anxious, or entertaining negative scenarios. Do you remember the last time you were out in nature and how relaxed your body was and how calm your mind was? This is our natural state that creates health. We are in resonance with nature during those times. If your thoughts have shifted to overly stressful thoughts, this brings in chaos which can bring in reversed polarity as your body is trying to deal with all the stress.

Man-made EMFs, being the opposite of natural, health giving energies, can be a factor as to why people can be reversed. The body doesn't recognize these odd frequencies and tries to do everything it can to minimize their impact on the body.

How do you know if you are reversed? Ideally, it's best to contact an energy medicine practitioner. Many years ago, an intuitive told me I was reversed and she flipped my energies (over the phone!) and that was my first glimpse into understanding reversed polarity. These days, I use the sway test which is a simple test, but may take some practice. Here is a great video I found that clearly demonstrates this test and gives some solutions to correct polarity as well:

Practices to help correct polarity:

(1) In the video above, Pauline mentioned using a spoon to "draw" 8s on your hands and feet. I've heard that the spoon must have enough magnetism to be effective at correcting polarity. To test your spoon, get a magnet to see if the spoon and the magnet stick together.

(2) Check out this video that was part of my previous post about reversed polarity. I really feel the difference with this one so I wanted to post it again! Instant shift! Hue has a great way of explaining reversed polarity too.

(3) Take time out to focus on things you love. Start running through everything you love in life - your family, friends, pets, favorite food, favorite ways of spending time. Really get into it until your energy shifts. When you are in a stressed state this can be a hard exercise to do or remember to do. It's when you need it the most!

(4) I also believe that being in nature can help with reversed polarity. The harmonious frequencies of nature can be exactly what we need sometimes!

Want to dive a bit deeper into reversed polarity? Check out this article: Correcting Polarity. I found it to be a great resource of information.

Flowing in the right direction helps you shine!


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