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The Body's Electrical System & Chronic Reversed Polarity

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Recently, the topic of chronic reversed polarity (CRP) came full circle in my life. CRP is when your body’s energies are flowing in a reversed way. It’s been a while since I first discovered CRP. Since then I’ve learned (and intuited) more so I thought it would be great to share about this topic which is well known among energy healers.

First – What is CRP?

According to Woodland Wellness, who has helped many people with chronic reversed polarity states: "Chronic Reversed Polarity – or “switched” for short – is a condition of the body’s electrical system whereby the poles that allow the flow of energy have become reversed, causing the flow to occur in the opposite direction to what is intended." For those familiar with chronic reversed polarity, it can feel like you are swimming upstream instead of flowing with life, which is much easier! Flowing with life means that life unfolds instead of feeling stuck or moving forward with weights on your ankles. For me, it felt like my well-bein' feelin' was gone and that I was swimming upstream. I didn’t have all the energy I wanted to accomplish things in life. Many believe that when the body's energies are reversed, it's more difficult to heal. That makes sense when you understand that everything is energy and energy is foundational to our bodies.

Our universe is electro-magnetic. Everything has electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) running through them – the planet, us, our pets, plants, etc. Therefore, CRP is when your electro-magnetic energy is reversed. The body’s energy is not in alignment (dancing) with the universe! We are meant to dance with the stars. :)

How do you become reversed in the first place? Chronic reversed polarity is caused by stress. Of course, some amount of stress is great for us. Think of trees blowing in the wind. This is an elegant sort of stress that makes the trees grow and ground themselves into the healing Earth. However, a hurricane can uproot a tree. CRP is more like a windstorm than a nice breeze. Your body can get disconnected from maximizing the healthy energy flows and can feel drained.

Below are some example stressors that I feel can cause or contribute to chronic reversed polarity depending upon how shocking they are to your system. Everyone is different and some people just skim the surface and don’t feel as much stress as others. To me it feels like empaths and sensitives may be more likely to feel stress from shocking events.

  • An event where your world is turned upside down

  • Awakening/dark night of the soul, betrayal, etc.

  • Divorce or other family events

  • Death of a loved one or a pet

  • Trauma

  • Fear

  • People who ‘take’ your energy on an ongoing basis

  • Man-made EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies, like wifi)

  • Toxins like heavy metals

  • Any number of stressors

  • If your mother has been reversed, you could come by it honestly

This list is starting to look like everyday life! If you notice what all of these have in common, they are generally negative events in our minds. When a negative event occurs, the body must ground the shock. If not, the shock stays in the system and creates more stress. The mind can go from a positive, peaceful, state to a negative, chaotic, state sometimes (and for sometimes too long). This ‘static’ can build up in the auric field. The auric field may no longer be smooth and coherent, but incoherent.

Consider researching grounding (earthing) techniques which are a vital part of recovering from chronic reversed polarity. (Isn’t it interesting how electrical terms are used more frequently now to explain the body’s systems?)

Man-Made EMF – The Reverse of Grounded, Earth Energy

Man-made EMFs are not the same nurturing EMFs that the Earth gives us as many of us know. To me, they feel like the reverse! Man-made EMFs are frequencies in dosages not found in nature. Our bodies have to deflect and detox them continuously. If you can feel man-made EMFs then you know, they are the energies of swimming upstream.

What is amusing about the connection between man-made EMFs and chronic reversed polarity is that CRP is also called being ‘switched’. I immediately see a light switch switching a light on and off. Of course electricity is another form of man-made EMF. In my experience, man-made EMFs are the embodiment of switched (reversed) energies.

At the height of my EMF sensitivity, nature’s energies felt so soothing and nourishing and being in a wifi environment was the opposite – it made me feel sick. Many people don’t think this is possible, but oh yes it is! How most people find out is simply by noticing how they feel so much better in another environment. For me, it was the difference between being at work by the small cell tower and being at home with no small cell tower.

Natural EMFs are coherent and the body thrives in coherence. I like to think of the Earth’s energies as a song to keep us in tune and humming with life. Natural EMFs are the ONLY flows of life. Man-made EMFs would be more like heavy metal – incoherent. There’s nothing wrong with heavy metal if you like it, but if you don’t, heavy metal can feel disruptive to the body’s system like EMFs potentially can.

Nature’s energy:

  • Coherent flow

  • High vibe

  • Heart opening

  • Joy

  • Peaceful yin energy

  • Green (like the heart chakra)

  • Healing information and energy

  • Negative ions

  • Grounding – to disperse excess energy and bring in electrons

  • Overall has a relaxing effect

  • Create life

Man-made EMF:

  • Incoherent static (chaos)

  • Low vibe

  • A toxin to the body

  • Feels sharp to me

  • Yang energy (although it’s an unnatural stimulating effect. Natural yang energies are energizing.)

  • Down draft (not uplifting)

  • Data packets (people’s email data and such)

  • Fire element which means that they can deplete the water element, making you dehydrated for example.

  • Can harm life

Think you may be switched?

Check out this video and if you feel a relief or feel better afterwards, you may have been switched.

So that’s it! In a nutshell I believe that unnatural lifestyles contribute to chronic reversed polarity. (And the amount of stressful info we consume due to modern technology is unprecedented.) Your body may be asking for nature’s nurture and the Earth’s embrace.

Stay true to your shine!


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