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EMF Truth Firestorm: Learn Defense Against the Dark Arts

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

When your world is turned upside down after being zapped by overexposure to man-made EMFs, there are people in your life who need to know what happened. Since I could no longer work next to the small cell and I couldn't go and do things I normally did, I had to let people know about what I experienced. I knew that given the lack of education in this area this wouldn't be an easy task. The man-made EMF issue is such a difficult one due to the fact that we aren't taught about them, they are invisible, and the media shows an all too glamorous side of tech while hiding the dark side.

In healthy relationships, people you confide in will be able to listen to you, even if they don't agree. It's important to be heard at least, and respected, even if you are not understood.

Almost everyone I talked to did not fully understand. If the media could trick people into smoking cigarettes, of course they can be tricked into using wireless technologies. With smoking at least there is cause and effect - coughing like crazy and other signals coming from the body warning you to stop. Your body is wise. There usually isn't a similar effect with man-made EMFs that is this obvious or immediate. The best way may be to have them listen to the sound of EMFs, eeek!

Most everyone in my life was very open-hearted and respectful when it came to confiding in them about what happened. But there is always that one person in your life who is a nightmare. This person shall remain anonymous to protect the guilty! I suppose in the end this person is the one who holds the greatest lessons for me, but at the same time they added fuel to the EMF fire I was already burning from. Think no empathy, no understanding, and to top it off - outright attack. This is the type of person that kicks you when you are down.

The purpose of this blog post is to look back at what I learned and what I would do differently if it happened now. Little did I know at the time that my bringing forth truth about a topic this person knew nothing about would trigger an all out psychic war firestorm. Woah! Suddenly I was at Hogwarts! I suppose just like awakening to intuitive gifts or having a dark night of the soul, you don't really know what the heck is going on until you look back.

When I first told this person about the issues I was having, this person laughed. I knew they were laughing because deep down they were uncomfortable with what I was presenting. Maybe because they loved technology. Maybe because I presented science they had never heard of. Maybe because they were brainwashed by media. Maybe all the above. No one wants to be laughed at. I told this person it wasn't funny in a nice way, which didn't really help.

This person began sending me all sorts of articles about how EMFs had little to no effect, but they were from sites that most people who are educated about EMFs would never entertain. Deep down, I knew this person was trying to convince themselves EMFs were safe, even if they didn't know that. I don't blame this person for being so in the dark; everyone has been at one point, but to dismiss real science in favor terrible propaganda sites was a bad sign.

Think about something you know more about than the average person - is it something in your career or something you take a big interest in? Do those around you know as much as you? Does the average person know what you know? No, if they don't have interest in a topic they won't know more about it usually. Mainstream information is always watered down and with reason. There is only so much an article can address and so much left that isn't addressed.

The amount of propaganda about how there is no evidence that EMFs are harmful is startling. How come they haven't done their homework before reporting?

Next, oddly enough, one day this person was having trouble with their cell service when calling my computer phone. The call would drop and drop again, very typical when a cell phone is not in a good service location. They told me they would call me on my cell phone instead. Huh? If you have bad service, that is your bad service. Ethernet is the best service, why did this person do this? To be a bully? I still have no idea as to how this person's connection would be better if I used my cell phone. I guess it's a sign of their disconnection.

This person started acting passive aggressively and doing things I won't explain, but you get the idea. It was as if this person was outright trying to hurt me because of the EMF truth I presented that deeply triggered them. It was such an odd experience that to this day I have trouble understanding it. You would think that this person invented said wireless technology!

This experience taught me about truth and lies and energy warfare. This is a classic example of killing the messenger. I didn't create the truth about EMFs though, I was simply telling my story and presenting the best, most recent unbiased science. When you have to present the EMF issue to certain people in your life the best way to handle it is in an non-emotional, detached way. It's hard enough to realize you're surrounded by non-beneficial energy, but to then add to the fact that the risks have been shoved under the rug can be too life changing for some people.

What I learned from this situation was that this person converted something that happened to me into something about them. This person had no ability to hear me; everything was distorted into what it meant for them. Red flag.

Next I learned by experience just how truth can stir up darkness. I had heard about this from others over the years, but never had this direct experience. On comes the initiation! Shining the light on a topic reveals all the dark energy to be cleared out with certain individuals. Although this clearing seemed to be about this person, really it helps the overall collective energy.

However it's important to be mindful of psychic attack when the dark gets stirred. As mentioned, this person was kicking me while I was down in obvious ways, but also in subtle ways. I could feel their odd energy poking at me at times. Other times I could just feel this bullying energy even if they weren't outright bullying. I could hear it in the tone of their voice.

Their behavior made me angry and rightly so and this was the beginning of psychic warfare. At the time I didn't have the energy, the will or the desire to do what I needed to do - protect my own energy field and try to remain neutral. The EMF injury wounds (physical and emotional) weren't totally healed. Needless to say, my energy field had already been suffering due to the hole in my aura. So the psychic attack was simply adding more to the issue.

How do you know if you are being poked energetically or attacked?

  • Sometimes a psychic attack is obvious. For example if someone is being disrespectful, etc. This can be a form of psychic attack.

  • Sometimes the attack is less obvious. If you feel a reaction in your solar plexus when you are around someone or they say something, it can be a sign that someone trying to cord you. It can feel like a zap. Cords are energy strands that another person can unknowingly send to you to try to take your energy or feed emotions to you like anger. Sometimes it can the lead to feeling drained, anxious, etc.

  • If you are having mental arguments with someone this can be a sign of a psychic attack. It's like their negative energy or draining energy is violating your boundaries and sometimes your mind is trying to deal with it, but doesn't know how.

What do you do if you feel you have been psychically attacked?

  • Watch the energy and try not to engage. If you engage like I did for awhile, you end up sending negative energy back and forth which solves nothing. Practice neutrality. It's hard sometimes, but it is the way out.

  • Declare that their energy must leave your space now.

  • Visualize yourself inside a protective bubble. Be creative and make that bubble the color and texture you'd like, keeping your energetic integrity in mind.

  • Ask for help if you work with spirit guides. They may give you other ideas on how to stay clear.

  • Visualize the other person in pink. This can help bring the attack down and helps you to practice compassion in a difficult situation.

Learning from direct experience about psychic attack is like being a student at Hogwarts. Defense against the dark arts is a real thing! However it's important to learn that what you send out can come back to you and then some. Some call it karma, but really it's about balance and learning about being in right relationship with all of life, even the dark. In the end, this may have been the lesson I needed to learn from this person.

Remember that you are a powerful person in gentle ways and that compassion, love, neutrality along with energetic protection can help bring the firestorm down to a controlled burn that is steady and bright. The truth always prevails in the end and some people just don't like the truth.

Protect yourself from the angry energy of others to shine brightly!


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