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A Holey Aura

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

After the tower tipping point shook up my life, one of the first energy healings I had was with an intuitive healer I'd worked with many times over the years. Of course I visited my primary care physician first, but was not surprised to hear his point of view that there was no evidence for what I explained. Little did he know there's mounds of evidence that has never reached the corners of his mind, but that is for another blog post.

The intuitive healer was one of those rare souls whose skills and ethics were superior. I didn't know what kind of healing she'd do, I simply reached out to her for help to balance my energy. When I heard back from her she said that I had a dangerously large hole in my aura. She described where it was - exactly where the small cell tower was as I worked in my office. She said that my life force energy was draining out of the hole and she repaired the damage. When I look back on this now, this was probably one of the best things I did to not become ill any more than I was.

The aura is part of our electro-magnetic system as our body is electric in nature. The aura is an extremely important and highly underrated part of health. It is a protective bubble that helps filter out energies that are not best for you. And it's completely ignored by Western medicine! This is unfortunate because when you've been struggling with the adverse effects of man-made electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) then some sort of energy healing is a must! This is an energetic issue first and foremost. (And anyone can learn to see auras with practice. If it's visible, it's not in the realm of woo!)

Intuitive healers know that the first signs of imbalance appear in the aura before they reach the body. From the point of view of energy healing, the aura can be balanced to avoid getting sick.

The healer suggested that I learn more about the aura and how to keep it vital and strong so I began to do Donna Eden's energy medicine again as I hadn't been doing it regularly anymore. The exercises immediately felt healing to me. I pulled out Donna's Energy Medicine Kit and used the Energy Medicine cards like oracle cards to pick the exercises needed the most. The Celtic Weave and drawing invisible 8s in my aura were and still are some of the most balancing exercises. Donna also has a wealth of videos on YouTube.

Practicing some sort of energy medicine is vital in this day and age for the body and for the aura (or biofield as some are calling it.) But how do you know it's working? By how you feel. If you tune in before, during and after doing the energy medicine, there usually is a definite uplifting feel. Although seeing auras is great, I know I don't have the ability to see my aura enough to have known there was a hole. I'm grateful to the intuitive healer who helped return my aura from holey to holy. <3

Choose to shine!


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