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Reduce EMF: 5 Ways to Reduce Smartphone Exposure

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

If you absolutely, positively have to use a smartphone, here are ways to reduce your exposure to those pesky man-made EMFs. The key takeaway is the further away you are from the source, like the phone, the better. Note that although these ways do decrease exposure, it doesn't mean they are totally safe, especially over long periods of time. Although points 3-5 below are great ways to reduce exposure and are way better than holding the phone to your head, I can't recommend them wholeheartedly. My wholehearted recommendation is to start weaning yourself off your phone by getting a landline, VOIP, or another wired option for most calls. Connect your phone to the internet with an ethernet cable to use apps and other features. Use cell service occasionally when it's absolutely necessary.

5 ways to reduce exposure to your cell phone:

  1. Try to keep your phone on airplane mode with wi-fi disabled and Bluetooth disabled as much as possible when not in use. Phones still ping the nearest cell tower even when it seems they are 'sleeping.' You can avoid needless exposure. I only turn my phone on once a week or so, but I still use it every day connected with an ethernet cable. More on that in an upcoming post.

  2. Never hold a cell phone to your head. Ever. If you haven't read my previous blog post - Wired Phones Are Sexier Than Brain Tumors - take a stroll to check it out. Even Apple states in the Legal & Regulatory section of the iPhone's General Settings to use hands free options to reduce exposure. They state that their radio-frequency testing was done to simulate the phone being 5mm away from the head. Are you reading between the lines here like I am?

  3. Consider using speakerphone.

  4. Another option if you can't put your call on speakerphone is to get WIRED headphones. Air tube headphones such as these are even better.

  5. Text instead of making calls and write the text with the phone on airplane mode and with wi-fi and Bluetooth off.

Something that is really important to mention if you love your brain as much as I do is to never use wireless earbuds. (My budgie just chirped in resounding agreement!) The radiation is at point blank range directed at your brain. You can read more about those awful babies in this brilliant article - Apple AirPods and EMF, How Bad Are They? Hint: It's bad. Seems worse than a cell phone to your head. The article even includes a chart and video showing the radiation output.

Something else equally important to mention are so called cell phone "EMF protection" cases. Read a previous blog post: Do EMF Protection Smartphone Cases Work? The nutshell on this is that if the phone is not completely covered (and therefore won't receive signal) the case is not necessarily a safe option. I learned this from a Building Biologist when I first became sensitive.

Be mindful of your cell phone use and shine on!


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