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Wired Phones are Sexier Than Brain Tumors

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

I've always been sorta outside the whole tech mindset to some degree. I love tech, use tech and think it's great as a tool. Where I draw that line is when it comes too close to my body and is invasive, like EMFs are. I want good ol' natural vibes running through my body, not ones created by unconscious men.

Tech isn't all that like the media has many believing. Anything that harms the Earth and her inhabitants is not all that. Tech could be gone as fast as it showed up and the way resources are being used up, this could be sooner than later. We've been tech-less for millennia; our ancestors didn't have it and they were just fine. In fact, they were way more in touch with themselves and nature. One day, probably not too far off, tech will either change radically or be gone. Today's tech is tomorrow's relic in the landfill. Sigh.

Although it's considered to be a relic, the wired "vintage" phone is one of the safest phones out there. Who knew? We've all been marketed to death that the newest smartphone can't be missed. People line up and sleep outside the stores to be the first. But no one is talking about health. In fact, the cell phone/smartphone has been linked to brain tumors, but you won't see that on CNN anytime soon. Any wired phone is clearly light years ahead when it comes to being healthier technology. Anything to help my health, I'm on board with.

When I first became sensitive to man-made EMFs, I was overjoyed to get a wired phone again. The electric field it generated (as all phones do) was much more mild and not uncomfortable like my smartphone's was. (I could feel the smartphone's electric field when touching the screen even when it wasn't being charged.) And of course wired phones have no radio-frequency microwave radiation aiming at your precious brain.

Most of my life I've had a landline, especially while living in Mexico. There is something about old, safer tech that is just, well, comforting. Amazon has many vintage wired phones to choose from in cute colors. So I got one and the rest is history. No, it's not the latest fashion or the sexiest looking thing, but it is far sexier than a brain tumor. It is the latest fashion if you care about your health and the health of your loved ones. Friends don't let friends use smartphones.

What are the benefits of wired phones? As long as the phone is wired - no cordless phones are recommended - there are a host of benefits:

  • No radio-frequency microwave radiation exposure since it doesn't require the local cell phone tower.

  • No wi-fi exposure

  • No Bluetooth exposure

  • Less electric field exposure in my personal assessment. (I can feel the electric field of a smartphone, but not as much with a landline.)

  • You can talk for hours without your phone and head getting hot.

  • The connection is actually superior - clearer and louder, no dropped calls, etc.

  • Since you can't walk too far with a corded phone, you're more present with the person you're talking to instead of being distracted by multi-tasking.

  • Alarm companies are able to use the line for a security system in some cases. In fact, I've been told it is even more secure than wi-fi systems.

  • Your neighbors, trees, flora and fauna all benefit from not being affected by your cell phone/cell tower use.

It's always interesting that people think that just because they have the latest tech, that means they are cool. People peer pressure others unconsciously to get the latest tech since they don't know the harms. People laugh arrogantly at old tech, but it isn't a joke when it comes to health. Now sometimes you absolutely have to upgrade and that's fair. I'm taking more about having to keep up with the Jones' for frivolous or superficial reasons. There's nothing progressive or sexy about that. If everyone kept up with the Jones' like our society broadcasts, our precious Earth would be an even in more peril than she already is.

For more information on the studies regarding cell phone/smartphone use and brain tumors, check out PubMed. Another great resource is the California Brain Tumor Association. They warn:

Brain tumors are on the rise, especially in young people. Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) used to be seen only in persons 65 and over but now young people are dying from GBMs. Brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer death in children, surpassing leukemia.

If you think the brain tumor issue may be new information and that we "just don't know," that isn't so. Here is an article based on studies from 1965. Now that is vintage! Some things are simply timeless - from vintage studies to vintage wired phones. Now, I think you'd agree with me - a landline is far sexier than a brain tumor.

Keep children safe! Corded landline phones help you shine! Now go get a wired phone.

Disclosure: I don't participate in affiliate programs such as Amazon's since affiliate programs seem to arrest people's ability to discern truth from fiction in order to make a buck. For example, there are many "EMF protection" bloggers and websites out there who review and advertise EMF protection products that are not safe in my opinion. I know they are not safe since my body could still feel EMFs while using the product. Further, the Building Biology Institute does not recommend any such products. The only safe EMF protection is a faraday cage, like those sold by Spero. Faraday cages prevent the phone's EMFs from reaching you and prevent the phone from receiving signals from a local cell tower. In other words, you can't use the phone. That is the only safe cell phone.


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