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Why Aren't We, As A Society, Grounded?

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

There is a famous saying about being, "grounded in reality," which appears to be a simple saying, but it is really much more. I believe that ultimately it's about a connection to the Earth, to natural laws and to what is best for all of biological life. Therefore the Western world is not overall, grounded in reality. At some point, having seen ourselves as separate from nature, we have created a disconnected, unsustainable, ungrounded reality. We took a turn where we thought we could be more clever than nature, but uh-oh, that is not so. Our Earth Mama always knows best.

Much of our ungrounded reality is driven by our current paradigm of fear and greed which all of us have been subjected to in one way or another. Schools focus primarily on competition at a very young age for example and the media pumps out ungrounded information based on keeping the paradigm going. Fear uproots our energy from being grounded (think fight or flight). When we step back and take a deep breath, we can see all of the illusion we have bought into and can deepen our roots. Only nature is really real, the other stuff is what we've made up in our minds for this moment in history.

Another reason we are ungrounded as a society is because we are mostly in our minds more than in our hearts. When we respond only from the mind (copy/paste or parroting), it's like we aren't responding from full truth. Overthinking, like we do in Western society, is also a cause of being ungrounded. (Hand raised!) If your mind is going and going and you don't take time to let it be still ever, it creates ungroundedness. Being grounded means we are solidly in our bodies - our energies and our spirits occupy the body and we are present! Nature can take care of being ungrounded if enough time is spent in it.

Many years ago I worked with a health practitioner who told me that because of all the work we are doing on computers (externalized brains/minds), we are absorbing EMFs into the upper part of our body. Our bodies are, by nature, in relationship with whatever is around us - the healthy and the unhealthy. Later I heard an energy medicine practitioner who could see auras say that modern day people are "lit up like Christmas trees" from the waist up due to said computer work! Eeeek. Yes, EMFs can knock you off your ground. This is why it's important to do energy medicine exercises, walk on the beach, sit with trees, etc. - to ground pesky man-made EMFs out of your body and aura. You'll also soak up all the healthy nature frequencies that build resiliency against man-made EMFs.

In schools, at least when I was in school, there was very little information about being connected to Mother Earth. It was almost non-existent. Most of what was presented was done in a mechanical way, with so little basis in the true reality of our nature. When I began learning from those with deep connections to the Earth, it was amazing how much more fulfilling life was. There is so much magic to experience! Mother Earth is the source of all natural magic - beyond our wildest dreams.

I remember one of the first times I felt so very grounded - it was during a cacao ceremony. It was such a heart warming experience that I suddenly knew being really grounded to the Earth was a direct way to open the heart. This makes sense because you are connecting to Mother Earth and nature which is essentially the embodiment of love and heart. Our Earth Mama is patiently waiting for everyone to rediscover this. Then, we will create a world "grounded in reality" - that of the heart.

Stay grounded to maximize your shine!


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