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When You're Sensitive to EMFs, This is Your Dream Home

Updated: Jun 2

A Hobbit Smial (Hobbit Hole)

When I reached the EMF sensitivity tipping point and couldn't work in my office any longer, I heard about people who had to leave their homes and lives behind to seek healthier ground. I felt their pain since being sensitive was bad enough, but to have the rug literally and forcefully taken out from underneath you (and losing your job in some cases) is totally unnerving and heartbreaking.

At this time I was assessing my current situation to see if I was able to stay in my home or not. Luckily I was able to stay in my home (with the help of a Building Biologist) who recommended shielding my bedroom wall that I shared with a neighbor. I had already removed or turned off all wireless tech in my home, but my neighbor's wi-fi was still a problem. There was nothing I could do other than use shielding material on the shared wall. It made a huge difference. I could feel peace in my room as if I had walked into a cave.

Sometimes you have to shield in order to heal. As nutty as shielding seems to those not so EMF aware, it can literally change your life for the better. For some, it can be a strategy that helps while figuring out the rest of the EMF sensitivity puzzle.

All in all, it seemed that I'd chosen to stand my ground literally. This was about taking back my power - my power to heal and to stand up and say "no" to these unnatural energies that have infiltrated modern day.

As my new EMF-aware reality sunk in, I started to realize how attractive the Hobbit lifestyle was, lol! The Hobbits were such happy folk too. Was it because they were so close to nature? I think so. In this day and age I couldn't really find any real life examples quite as good as the Hobbit lifestyle, so I had to resort to J.R.R. Tolkien's creativity. I know this may sound strange. I know it sounds so 'old school' in many ways, but old school is just being aligned with nature which equals well-being. There's nothing old school about that. In the end, alignment with nature will help all of nature, including ourselves, and it is inevitable. Our inorganic tech age will be a flash in the pan compared to the millennia humans have walked the Earth; a hard lesson about the nature of the human body and how to respect it.

What I love about the Hobbit lifestyle:

  • They had plenty of nature around them - trees, flowers, plants and the like. Nature is healing. Taking a look at many housing developments these days - there is hardly any nature. Many city dwellers live in denatured realities. Add to that a focus on tech, and the reality becomes even more unnatural.

  • Hobbits built their homes with soft curves like nature does. Nature doesn't seem to create much with straight lines. Usually any "line" meanders in some way, since energy (the blueprint of nature) meanders, twists, and turns. It doesn't move in straight lines for long. Straight lines are more the product of humans, especially in their construction of homes.

  • Hobbits read sitting under the canopy of trees. They are grounded and get the added benefit of the healing presence of the trees.

  • Hobbits walk around barefoot, "since their furry feet had leathery soles." Although this isn't recommend in modern life of course, there is a time and place for it! It provides a nice dose of healthy vibes.

  • Hobbits love gardening and farming, which is healthy for the micro-biome! Get your hands in the soil! Smell the flowers. Listen to birdsong.

  • Hobbits love peace and tend to frown at too much action. They move to the rhythm of nature; which is the rhythm of well-being.

  • Hobbits seem to love creature comforts - cozy spots and crackling fires.

  • Be merry like a Hobbit. Sing and dance.

  • Don't forget to eat second breakfast now and again for fun!

All in all the Hobbits were definitely onto something. After all, they are known to live longer than man!

Nature is the source of shine! Shine on!


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