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Nature is the Trustworthy Guide When it Comes to Man-Made EMFs

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

The collective is full of many innocent misunderstandings as well as smoke and mirrors when it comes to navigating man-made electro-magnetic fields (EMFs), such as wireless technology. It's a doozy out there and I don't blame anyone for giving up on trying to find the truth. But truth is always simple, yet profound and powerful at the same time. Its always something we already knew, but forgot. It may have been moved to the back of our minds crowded out by the collective voice, opposing science, distracting arguments, and the pace of everyday life. But it waits for us to come back to it, and eventually we all will.

The reason for all the misunderstandings about EMFs is that we aren't using nature as our guide. It's obvious that nature would never create wireless technologies. The most simple and healthiest truth is to follow nature's wisdom when it comes to man-made EMFs. This means creating and being in spaces that have little to no wireless technology. Why? Because nature's frequencies are the frequencies of health and longevity.

"Nature is truth." - Machaelle Small Wright, Perelandra, Ltd.

I have heard many arguments that wireless frequencies and other man-made EMFs are, well, made up of the elements of nature too! This would be true, but it misses a couple of very important facts. One is that nature would never create these frequencies in the dosages that are being showered upon the Earth. Two is that nature creates harmonious, coherent frequencies and man is creating chaotic, incoherent wireless frequencies. Chaotic frequencies can mean for many, chaotic health.

The reason I decided to obtain Building Biology Advocate certification was that when I watched their videos, the truth rang out so clear that I knew I had found some of the best wisdom on our planet during these very confusing EMF times. At that time I found them, I had been living in a wireless Twilight Zone and needed their message about nature's wisdom to help me on my journey of recovering from being electro-sensitive. Building Biology uses nature as their guide and this, I have found, is the most reliable information about EMFs out there today. The rest of the information is simply wishful thinking, delay tactics and learning curve. I preferred to cut to the chase as quickly as possible!

There is always a silver lining in every "crisis." I believe the silver lining when it comes to man-made EMFs is as simple as the wisdom of nature herself. Man made EMFs are showing us - through their incoherence and destructive energies - just how far away we have collectively drifted from the magical and healing energies of nature. There is nothing better than nature's frequencies and there never will be. We are nature's frequencies and your health depends on them.

Just like any cycle, one day we will return to living more organic lives which means that man-made EMF frequencies will one day set with the sun and not rise again. Until then, be sure to check out the Building Biology Institute's free videos for more guidance during these times of energetic confusion. :)

Discern with wisdom my friends! Ditch wireless for nature's energies for health and shine!


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