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When Doctors Promoted Smoking

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

It's hard to believe that back in the day doctors promoted cigarette smoking to their patients, even pregnant women and young people. Cigarette companies launched extensive marketing campaigns to convince people that that their cigarette was healthier than their competitors'. Marketing campaigns went so far as to confuse the public about why their throat hurt when smoking to alleviate the doubts about it being unhealthy.¹

It has always been obvious to me that smoking, the way it's done in the western world at least, is unhealthy. I believe there is a place for ceremonial smoking like the Native Americans do with sacred tobacco and pure intentions, but that isn't the way westerners use tobacco - they abuse tobacco. If you're a bit older, you remember the days when people smoked on airplanes and in restaurants. So cigarette smoking had its day in the sun and it was time to move on from that collective learning experience. What changed? One thing was that people didn't want to smell second hand smoke in their favorite restaurant as it became obvious (and finally revealed) just how unhealthy it was. It violated people's boundaries to be exposed to a toxicity they had no control over. Enough was enough and the shift happened.

Just as the sun was setting on cigarette companies, the sun was rising for telecoms and wireless - humanity was ready for another collective learning experience. Although also unhealthy, the affects of man-made EMFs are not as obvious or easily detected, just like cigarette smoking's affects supposedly were back in the day. If doctors could be easily fooled by heavy and confusing marketing from cigarette companies, even being part of those campaigns, of course it's far easier to be fooled by telecom companies since you generally can't hear or feel man-made EMFs and you definitely can't smell them! The case for man-made EMFs may be a harder nut to crack than cigarette smoking, but the public can only be fooled for so long.

Ways in which telecom companies are like cigarette companies, in my opinion:

  • They recruit "trusted" members of society such as the government and celebrities.

  • When confronted with the fact that their product is harmful, they will offer a different marketing strategy with paid for science.

  • They promote manufactured doubt campaigns to keep people confused.

  • They market to children for current and future profits.

One day the world will change when it comes to man-made EMFs; it always does when people are being exposed to toxins and information is being hidden. It just takes awhile to trickle down into the collective consciousness for a shift to be made. As evidence continues to mount against telecom companies, much of it in a similar fashion like it was against cigarette companies, the weight of the truth will finally spill over into the collective. Wireless radiation will be better understood by the public then and it will be thought of like second hand smoke. The collective will demand, "No thank you! Keep it to yourself," just like they did with smoking. That will probably come after telecom companies, just like cigarette companies, are held accountable for information withheld from the public.

In the meantime, since we don't have control over man-made EMF exposure while in public just like we didn't with second hand smoke, it's critical to turn your home into as much of a sanctuary for sacred space as possible. It's becoming increasingly critical to give your body downtime from the toxic energies as they become more pervasive. My opinion is that wireless has no place in sacred space. It has no place if you are concerned with your health, longevity or shine. It has no place if you have kids, elders or pets you care about. Nature is sacred and these energies are not preserving the sacredness of life.

Until the mainstream wakes up and demands a shift, create a sanctuary to shine!


[3] Photo courtesy of wiki-commons.


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