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What Kind Of Aura Does Your Home Give Off?

As I walked out the front door, the coolness of the morning greeted me. I love the way the air feels in the morning - so fresh and sometimes crisp - perfect to clear away any lingering sleepiness. As I walked down the walkway lined with green bushes, the doves cooed, sending peace, and the hummingbirds chirped, sending joy. It's always great to start the day this way - clear in mind and thought and hearing nature's symphony. I made my way down the street and past my tree friend - a beautiful pine. I said, "hello" and continued on my usual route. I took in the wonderful aromatherapy of the plants as I strolled up the gentle hill. As I reached the street corner and walked across the street, I became aware of an uneasy feeling coming from the home on the next block. I wondered about the EMF levels immediately. It was disheartening to think that even out on a public sidewalk you can feel the invasive wireless energies from a home. Sometime later I decided to take my small EMF meter with me on my walk to see if there was anything noticeably different in the EMF levels when walking by the home. Yep! Sure enough there were. Walking by other homes, the levels were not as high. It wasn't obvious why, but I figured they must have some tech in the home that is giving off high levels of EMF.

Most people think of a home's aura as the vibe it gives off with first impressions such as - is it clean or cluttered? Does the home have color or is it depressing? Are there plants or is it life-less? Does it have good feng-shui!? The home's aura can go even deeper into the unseen energies like negative residual energies as well as man-made EMFs. A home can look spectacular on the surface, but be a nightmare energy wise. I've been in many homes that were seemly fine on the surface, but lurking below, they feel unhealthy.

I feel the unseen energies are more important than anything. They inform the home's environment and the people living there. Just like nature's energy medicine informs every cell in our body to properly function, the energy in the home can make or break your life experiences. Some people are unknowingly negatively affected by man-made EMFs and this in turn can create havoc in relationships and other areas of life. Man-made EMF is like inviting chaos energies into your sacred abode. No thanks. I believe it's better to keep it clean and natural for the best life.

Of course those with EMF sensitivity can feel how unhealthy homes are these days, but I think on some level everyone can. With a bit of practice, you can tune into a space's energy. You can even try it now by going outside, drinking in the feeling of the outdoors (around plants) and then going back inside. For me there is an immediate difference even in my wired home. Outside feels earthy and slightly humid. The air feels fresh. Inside feels more dry (due to my home having a wood structure). It just doesn't feel as healthy as the outdoors. The rhythms of nature feel much better than those of a home with 60Hz in the walls too; the standard electricity frequency in the U.S.

These days as I take my morning walks, I tend to skip walking past the home with the unhealthy aura. I probably wouldn't feel it since my sensitivity has gone down anyway, but I prefer to stay as close to nature's energies as possible. It may seem strange to most to contemplate or know about such a thing in the first place. But one day in the future it will seem strange how we as human beings thought it was a good idea to infect Mother Earth's precious and life giving energies in the first place.

Does your home give off a sun-shiny glow that Mother Nature would be proud of? Wired homes have more shine!


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