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The Vitamins of the Airwaves

A few years ago I watched sound healing pioneer Steven Halpern give an online talk about the magic of sound healing. Among other nuggets of information and wisdom, he said, "Sound healing is the vitamins of the airwaves." This insight stuck with me since I had just experienced the effects of the junk food of the airwaves - man-made EMFs. Although most people can't hear man-made EMFs, they are still frequencies like music.

I thought the way Steven put it really helps people to grasp the concept of sound healing, especially if they are not empathic and can't easily feel the benefits in their bodies. At the heart of it, sound healing is about nurturing the body with coherent sounds. It's about entraining yourself to coherent energies which are the frequencies of health, instead of entraining to man-made EMFs like I did.

Sound healing can help you relax and get into a space where the body can heal. Whether you listen to it through earbuds, with speakers, or live, you can reap the benefits. An added bonus would be to listen where your exposure to man-made EMFs like wireless are minimal. Maximize song-shine!

Now I understand the statement Steven said on an even deeper level. Most of nature's frequencies (in other words "music") are vitamins of the airwaves. We can't live without the rich, organic energy of the Earth rising into the bottom of our feet and up into our bodies. We can't live without the high frequency energies showering us from the sun and the cosmos that come in through the crown chakra and ground into the Earth out our feet. (Remember, dosage is key! The sun gives us life, but at the same time, we have to be smart about it.)

Nature's healing frequencies ("music") are more than just vitamins of the airwaves though - they inform our bodies with critical information, life force energy and spirit. Ancient cultures knew this - the Latin name for breath and wind is "spiritus." Through breath we stay alive, through deep breathing we relax and heal. We also detox through our breath. When it's known how important the airwaves are for health and well-being, it makes it hard to comprehend how we got to this point in our history where we pollute the airwaves as we do with man-made EMF. They don't call it electro-smog for nothing!

Steven Halpern is also a kindred spirit who does not have wireless in his home. He had a similar issue to mine where wireless interfered with his sleep. He created an album called EMF Pollution Stress Reducing Music, specifically for bio-energetic balancing. (It's worth reading his EMF story on the link above.)

He states:

My intention in producing this album is to create a soundfield of audible sound frequencies to counteract the inaudible EMF and RF frequencies of cell phone towers, SmartMeters, Wi-fi and other forms of electromagnetic pollution.

I have listened to Steven's music for years and it is the kind of music that takes you to places that you feel you know, but you're not sure how. It's also deeply relaxing. Note that although I believe that an album such as his can help increase the body's resiliency to man-made EMF (if it gives you feelings of well-being) and help decrease a stress response from said EMF, I don't believe that it acts as a protective shield. I know many people like to believe that frequencies of all kinds can cancel out man-made EMF, but unfortunately EMF meters do not indicate this is true in many cases. Your best bet is to reduce man-made EMFs in your home and have a regular resiliency and stress reducing practice. That's what I call maximizing your song-shine!

Reduce man-made EMF and tune in to the vitamins of the airwaves to shine! :)


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