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The Twilight Zone and the Twi-Fi Zone

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

In the late 1950s, The Twilight Zone debuted. The series is described as: Ordinary people find themselves in extraordinarily astounding situations, which they each try to solve in a remarkable manner. If you know anything about what the lowercase (real) twilight zone is, you know this series, like media in general today, suffers from a bad case of reverse reality. In other words, mainstream takes something real and important, exaggerates and twists it and then feeds the masses this confusion. Sure it's entertaining, but in all of this, the truth is further buried and sometimes there is fear generated around something for no reason.

For eons our ancestors communed with the spirits of the land and nature. It's only in more recent times that this has gone out of fashion as we are distracted by outside circumstances. But twilight is part of the magic of life! The twilight zone is in fact the magical times of day where the sun is just about to rise and just after it has set. It is in these moments that the other realms are easier to experience they say. All is calm except for a few birds stirring. The mind is open to hearing guidance in this calmness and stillness. Nature can speak and be heard before the hectic movements of the day begin. If you like to walk or meditate early, this may be why.

There is a bit more magic the twilight zone holds. As the sun rises, it sends coherent energies of life to our bodies. These energies of life tell our bodies it is time to rise and shine. Our brains benefit from the early morning sunlight too as our circadian rhythms are reset. At dusk, the setting sun informs our body it is time to slow down and rest. It is time to go inward again to maintain balance. It is a nice daily practice to watch the sun rise and later the sun set and the moments before and after.

Now that the real twilight zone has been cleared up, it's time to move on to the twi-fi zone. What is this zone exactly? It's my play on words for wi-fi zones being closer to the reality of the Twilight Zone series. Odd things happen in a world where nature's energies are taken over by artificial energies. Some of these things include:

  • Not being able to sleep

  • Feeling odd energy around you

  • Feeling edgy, anxious, depressed or fearful without knowing why

  • Not able to think as clearly or tune into your guidance

  • You may feel like one of the zombies

  • At first you may not understand what is *really* going on

Have you ever walked into another room and wondered what you went there for? Welcome to the twi-fi zone. Having a senior moment, only you're not a senior? Welcome to the twi-fi zone. More headaches than usual? Not feeling like yourself? Welcome to the twi-fi zone where the energies are a true horror for nature and ourselves.

These "freaky frequencies" as Anne Louise Gittleman calls them, are, well, not natural. And just like the description of the Twilight Zone series, ordinary people are finding themselves in extraordinarily astounding situations - surrounded by freaky EMFs like wi-fi and cell phone radiation. Just a few short decades ago, we would never have thought the issue we are facing was possible. How and why would we surround ourselves with man-made frequencies? Why would be disturb the beautiful frequencies of nature and ourselves? And we'd pay a lot of money for these toxic frequencies? What? This would have made no sense and for a good reason! None of this is natural. Now if only we could solve this issue in a remarkable manner...just like the actors in the Twilight Zone.

Stick to the twilight zone to shine!

Disclosure: I don't participate in affiliate programs such as Amazon's since affiliate programs seem to arrest people's ability to discern truth from fiction in order to make a buck. For example, there are many "EMF protection" bloggers and websites out there who review and advertise EMF protection products that are not safe in my opinion. I know they are not safe since my body could still feel EMFs while using the product. Further, the Building Biology Institute does not recommend any such products. The only safe EMF protection is a faraday cage, like those sold by Spero. Faraday cages prevent the phone's EMFs from reaching you and prevent the phone from receiving signals from a local cell tower. In other words, you can't use the phone. That is the only safe cell phone.


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