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J.R.R. Tolkien & The Sound of Creation

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

As the wind plays the needles of a pine tree, the soft whistles carry me to another time and place. A hummingbird whizzes by overhead as my love bird giggles through her song. I hear people in the distance - their laughter echoing through the hills as they enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air. It was a day much like this one where it was easy to still my mind to perceive the magic of nature in the present moment when my life changed forever. When this portal opens, it is an invitation to visit another realm.

I decided to begin a book that was at the top of my reading list – The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien. I honestly couldn’t wait to read the history of Tolkien’s elves. I had heard how The Silmarillion sheds light on the books that followed it, like The Hobbit, according to Middle Earth’s history. Little did I realize how much light it would shed on my life.

My heart leapt as I opened the hard cover book, a work of art in itself. As I “read” the first couple of pages decorated in the Elven Sindarin language, it was like entering through a gateway to another realm. The crisp pages were smooth and solid like marble; embodying the regal feel of certain groups of elves. The energy of the trees and earth were present in its paper pages - the sign of alignment with nature and with self. (In other words, you won’t catch me with a Kindle!)

The book begins with the creation of Middle-Earth out of angelic sounding “Great music.” Tolkien appears to draw on the ancient wisdom that the universe (the one verse) was created out of sound. As I read, I’m immersed in his orchestra, hearing the celestial music in my mind. Tolkien paints the picture of how the angelic beings, with their hearts filled with love for their creation, see their dream manifest out of the ethers and into physicality. Middle-earth was born. I hear this music in my mind as dream-like, full of promise and beauty, like the music in this video below.

Not long after the angel's creations started to manifest on the physical plane, discord arose in Middle Earth. One of the angels turned on the rest of the choir, representing the egoic mind (think orcs), and began to disrupt the celestial song with his clashing noise. As discord was injected in Middle Earth, chaos ensued. This was the first attempt to destroy the beautiful creations by disrupting them with off-tune music.

Truth struck me as I was jolted out of Tolkien’s realm and back into the present moment. An internal screech was surfacing inside me as my eyes filled up with tears as I realized how much wisdom we have lost. Among the melodious words so beautifully arranged by Tolkien before me was a stark message that may as well have been written onto the pages of The Silmarillion itself – we have surrounded ourselves willingly with off-tune music in the form of man-made electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) such as wifi, cell towers, etc. which disrupt the gentle balance of life! We are not only harming ourselves, but all of life with these frequencies that are not biologically compatible.

Only a few weeks before I had bought my first EMF meter and the impact of being able to hear the unheard – the endlessly repeated madness of man-made EMFs – was too much for words. The fact that man-made EMFs can’t be heard by our normal range of hearing keeps them in the shadows and keeps the average person unaware.

When we are in good health, we say that we have “sound health.” Man-made EMF, which I jokingly call “orc music” can slowly but surely change the tune of the body until one doesn’t feel like themselves anymore. This is recognized as entrainment. If we are what we eat, we certainly can become what we are energetically exposed to over time. I mused that I’d rather be an elf than an orc.

Tolkien’s Middle Earth mythologies, which span over several ages and thousands of years, are teachings of power. It's apparent that although we are in a different age, we are in a similar tale of power. Only this time around this power play is literally about physical, tangible power (man-made electro-magnetic frequencies).

What to do? Surround yourself in the beauty-enhancing energy of nature. Listen to music you love, since you'll entrain to it. Minimize man-made EMF “orc music.” Live as organically as possible to be in alignment with nature’s wisdom. Treat man-made EMF as you would any other toxin – with moderation.

Shine on!

P.S. In my research on Tolkien, I delightfully discovered that his definition of mythology was not the same as the modern day definition. Tolkien explained that mythology had truth in it. The teachings from school that I was presented with always were tainted to the contrary. This removed all the magic. It's interesting that almost 100 years ago, this was not so - what happened?


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