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The Sharing and Stealing of Energy

In our world where the body is not understood as being an amazing energy system, it's hard to be aware of the dynamics of sharing energy or stealing energy between people since we are electromagnetic beings. Sharing energy is a natural occurrence between people. When people are able to exchange energy freely and in a healthy way, it feels good. It is nurturing to us and to them. Our egos are aside and our hearts are open to a true and trusted connection. It is a great part of life to have this energetic support!

When energy is stolen though, it isn't as obvious unless you're aware. And sometimes it's a sign that the person doing the stealing isn't someone to trust. I want to start this article out by saying that everyone has stolen energy from someone at some point in their life (unless you're a saint or monk perhaps!) So no one is exempt. This article is not about pointing fingers at culprits or being a victim, but about creating awareness about what can be a very difficult dynamic. In my opinion if this dynamic occurs repeatedly, it contributes to electro-sensitivity or even other health issues.

I remember the days when I'd get up to go to work and I'd feel great. Everything was going well, I'd have the music playing in the car and then once at work, I'd hit a wall of some sort. (This was before my sensitivities to man-made EMF). I started to feel agitated or irritated and low energy. I wondered why this happened. Back then I really had no clue. Now I would wonder - was it someone at work? Was it the building's stuck energy? Was it a client I spoke to on the phone? Or was it simply me?

As I became more energy aware, and especially after becoming electro-sensitive, I began to get clues of what was going on. I began to tune in to how I felt regularly. I began to notice when I didn't feel well, who was I around? Energy does not abide by the rules of physicality. In other words you can be just as affected by a person over the phone or on a Zoom call as you can by someone in the same room as you. That is the magic of energy. Time and space do not matter.

The energy stealing dynamic could look like this: Someone who is feeling down or low energy is looking for energy, either consciously or unconsciously and they will try to get it from someone, even you. They may just be close to you or they may try to trigger you, but there is a "sucking you in" sort of feeling. Then you get into a low vibe mood since you're sapped and cranky and then you may seek that energy in someone else unless you are aware and take actions not to steal.

Eventually I became aware of some energy stealers in my life. (Or to some degree you could say where I was unconsciously too open and sharing of my energy.) Some people steal energy subtly like complaining about the same thing over and over again or it can be done more overtly by undermining you which can feel disruptive as your body lets you know something is not right. In my mind I see Gandalf the Grey in Lord of the Rings out on the ledge perfectly grounded and centered in his power and on his feet when when the Balrog takes one last swipe at him with its fiery whip. The whip grabs Gandalf by the leg, pulling him off his feet (forcing him to become ungrounded and losing his power). This is of course an extreme way to explain how this can feel, but it helps to illustrate the concept that someone's low energy can knock you off your center. It's a hidden power struggle. In that power struggle, you are trying to maintain your personal energy and power. It isn't theirs - they haven't done the work to have that energy.

Undermine: (1) To weaken by wearing away a base or foundation. (2) To weaken, injure, or impair, often by degrees or imperceptibly; sap. ~The American Heritage Dictionary

Although you won't get knocked off your physical feet like Gandalf, the person is knocking you off your electro-magnetic ground and in some cases, your emotional center. They can steal physical energy as well as emotional energy. The saying, "Pulling the rug out from under you," is exactly it! It's your energetic rug that is being removed and your energy gets sapped. Energy is mysterious. The person usually doesn't mean to do what they are doing, but their energy does it anyway. After you are off your ground, and even feeling vulnerable in some cases, their energy comes in and steals your electro-magnetic energy (and also any emotional energy the issue may have created).

The electro-magnetic energy in this situation is the healthy kind - the Earth energies our aura or biofield are nurtured by and the heavenly energies as well. The person doesn't want to do the work to connect to their own source of higher energy. This means that they may not be operating from integrity and may not be trustworthy. Meditation and other spiritual practices that cultivate healthy electro-magnetic energies take time, dedication and responsibility.

What are some of the behaviors that indicate energy is being stolen?

  • Being close to you

  • Trying to get your attention again and again

  • Pushing your buttons

  • Dis-empowerment, like not letting you have a say

  • Ego behaviors like only caring about themselves

  • Other abusive behaviors

What are some of the signs of having energy stolen?

  • Tired or cranky after being around someone

  • Feeling vulnerable

  • Anxiety

  • Anger

  • Not wanting to be around certain people

Look for repeated patterns with people in your life. It's important to build resiliency or walk away, but something has to be done because it's a toxic situation. And just walking away could mean you may repeat your own pattern and simply get into another similar situation. (Ugh, I know. It's far easier to blame them!)

What are some solutions?

  • Be the observer: It can be really hard to do at times. If you feel a sensation in your third chakra, that could be a sign of a trigger or energetic cord - which is a sign to remember to go into observer mode. Watch the energy and let is do its thing without engaging.

  • Energy medicine: Techniques from Donna Eden like this one, Energy Medicine for Trauma, help to immediately get out of the mind and into the heart as well as calming any reaction. I also like the prayer position since it brings you back into the body and into the heart.

  • Go outside and take a walk, especially around nature: This can fill up your field with feel good earth energy (healthy electro-magnetic energy) and give you an immediate lift.

  • Visualize your energy system being whole and healthy. All of your energy remains as your energy.

  • If the issue is that someone is dominating, then take back your power by saying, "No!"

How does this fit into being electro-sensitive? When a person steals health giving electro-magnetic energy from you, then less of it is available to you to counter man-made electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs). Our aura or biofield is made to protect us, especially from natural EMF. It's still unclear if our aura or biofield can protect us from man-made electro-magnetic radiation over the long haul. My best guess is that it can protect us to some degree, but it wasn't created with this onslaught in mind which means it's best to practice mindfulness with all man-made EMF.

For better or worse, our health can be affected by the energy fields of people around us if we spend a lot of time with them. It isn't only about resilience to EMF, but resilience to all health issues. Resilience to someone stealing energy can be built which is noble and enlightening. But sometimes you just have to walk away. In the end, having energy stolen is a way to become more aware of where there is work to do in our own energy systems. It's also a way to find out where there are triggers to resolve. In doing our healing, the healing path may lead to a better place to be with others who have more energetic integrity.

Be aware of your shine!


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