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The Magic of Inner Technology Outshines the Rest

Updated: May 29, 2022

Many suns ago I had an experience that woke me up to the world of energy - my insight and intuition came online rather suddenly. What felt like overnight, I became aware of energy because I could sometimes see it, but I felt it especially. This was a life changing event because it shifted the way I saw the world. While it was an exciting time, it is also kinda scary in the sense that you aren't the same person you were.

As the years went on and I looked back, I realized that my intuitive abilities that were quite potent at the beginning, weren't getting any sharper. The opposite was true - it seemed harder to get in that place. It wasn't until I finally clued in on my sensitivity to man-made electro-magnetic energy (EMFs) that the realization became clear. Intuition is fueled by connecting to the electro-magnetic energy of nature - the field - not to the electro-magnetic energy of your wifi router, your phone, your wearable, etc. For me this was a big piece of the puzzle. This may not be true for everyone, but it was for me.

What I know now that I didn't back then, is that man-made EMFs created a lot of noise in my brain. Think of the monkey mind. But I had already been able to break through the monkey mind to the peace within during my meditation practices many years ago, so not being able to do this easily was not right. I also would lose interest in things of a deeper nature since man-made EMFs are not deep energies, but superficial. I started to entrain with artificial frequencies more than I'd imagined. We aren't supposed to be caught in a drag net of man-made frequencies.

In the last few years of living in a wired (wifi and wireless free) environment, my intuition has blossomed. I have had experiences that I would never have imagined for myself. I hear guidance loud and clear and know what is truth and what is fiction. I can feel the truth in my body since my energy is clear. I owe all of that to the magic of nature. This is how humans are supposed to be - in a state of receiving inspiration to act on to fulfill dreams and destinies. (And the key to that is being present, in the now, which for me wasn't as easy in the man-made frequencies.)

There is such an interesting tale going on right before our eyes. These are times when many are starting to appreciate their inner technology once more - intuition, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc. - at a time when outer technology is being accepted into every corner of our spaces and being. It used to be that our (landline!) phone was a simple external device that kept to itself. Now smartphones carry their frequencies through our bodies. Our computers used to be wired. Now wireless runs through our bodies. This is a huge rabbit hole to go down, but suffice it to say that these energies are invading the sacredness of our being and planet. And this wouldn't be a big deal if they were energies that were in alignment with ourselves and nature, but they aren't. I love tech, but I just don't want it to be in certain places of my being and without my permission.

The Earth energies give, give, give while man-made energies (EMFs) take, take, take. In my last blog post I talked about how they can take energy from the body and drain vital Earth energies that help bodies thrive, but it runs deeper. They affect the brain and mental well-being as well. Digital dementia is rapidly being accepted as reality. These energies also sap water from our bodies and one of the effects of man-made EMF is dehydration. These energies are not creative by nature and have no intelligence like the Earth's energies do. They can't respond to changes in the environment and come up with solutions. They are empty energies created by the mind disconnected and unaware of its greater whole.

I believe to a great degree that humans are a magical race. "Mythologies" and other texts have repeated this message over and over again. We don't seem to be getting the message. I don't believe there are any muggles. Muggles are simply those who aren't ready for the magic, but they still have it in them. It's still there waiting.

What do I mean by magic? Magic is a loaded word I know. I don't mean black hats and rabbits although rabbits are magical. I don't mean spells to enforce one's will on another either. Both of these ways are outdated, but had their place and time. Magic is a connection to nature. And nature is far more than the Earth, plants and animals. It's the environment at large and how it speaks to you. It could be a series of synchronicities. It could be the signs all around you guiding you to a goal. It could be how you feel in nature. It could be sensing nature beings. It is a way to see nature through the lens of wonder. Magic is the feeling of being fulfilled and happy. Magic is our nature and who we are. And therein lies the problem. Technology is not our nature. We are not technology. While it is great to use it in all its wonderful ways, it shouldn't use us or invade our space unless invited. It's the yin/yang wisdom of balance.

In the end, the point of all of this is that technology is not magical energy. Don't be glamoured by the slick marketing as it leads to an empty place devoid of magic and some of it damages the Earth in the process. Smart tech? Fitbit? The latest phone? They can't hold a candle to the power of inner technology. Sure they are useful tools, but that's it. The greatest gift of all is a life full of magical inner tech which works from the inside out; not one that is looking outward to tech to fill the void within.

Dust off your magical self and keep it shining!


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