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The Healing Song of Bees

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

I recently stumbled across a YouTube short, The Magic of Sound Healing, where Zach Bush MD explains one way the hum of bees heals. It is a wonderful example of how nature's frequencies heal. (Unfortunately at this time, Wix doesn't support adding shorts or I'd add it here.)

Zach said (slightly edited):

"We've re-tuned human music out of tune with nature. But at 432 Hz, you have this incredible stacking of information and they're (bees) ultimately playing version of a C scale. And when we start to study nature we realize this scale is being played everywhere. Bees are very cool in this way. A hive of bees will thrum it's wings in the key of C. And when you put somebody with PTSD in the presence of a beehive, that C re-tunes their cognitive dissonance of post-traumatic stress. Over the course of a few months that PTSD can go away simply by being in the resonant frequency of the key of C from bees. This is the next step of medicine. When we start to realize we are biophysics - we are physics before we are biology. Which is to say we are energy before we are a cell."

Why this is miraculous and educational all at the same time is that it shows how humans are able to be tuned to their environment for healing (or not). It interesting to note that it takes "a few months" for a person with PTSD to shift to a coherent frequency from hearing the bees. This is the same reason why it can take so long for people to manifest EMF related symptoms - the effects either way are cumulative in nature.

Here is a remarkable article and video - How Slovenia Uses the Sound of Bees to Relax. Bravo! It demonstrates how coherent frequencies, like those of bees, help to keep us in a relaxed state.

Below is a video of the healing sound of bees. Does it relax you? Try it out and see!

Nature's sounds help you shine!


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