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Ancestors, The Great Uprooting, And How to Deepen Your Roots

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

As we look around at our world, it's clear that something is amiss. How could it be that in the span of several decades the Earth is now perched on the edge of a cliff? The harm that humanity has done to the planet is obvious, but what can be done about it is less so, especially in the mainstream. The mainstream's take is to use the level of consciousness that created the issue in the first place - our disconnection with nature - and solve all the environmental issues from this disconnected standpoint. Throw more money at this or create a tech for that. Tech can be harmful to the planet, so tech, as we know it today, is not generally a viable solution. It's simply a way for corporations to profit off of the issue. What is truly green isn't always profitable. Organic technologies may be a solution, but they are obviously not widely available.

Over the past few years, I've pondered and mused about this environmental issue. I realized that the mainstream is also using a backwards approach - outside in, instead of inside out. We got to this point by not being aligned with nature which means to really solve the issue, aligning with nature is a must. But how do we do that?

Using an inside out approach, one of the first things to remember are your family roots. Your roots connect you to nature - literally and figuratively! Here in the U.S. not much focus is placed on family roots - the ancestors who came before us - but we do seem to like family trees! It's fitting that this disconnection - severed roots - has been one reason for our environmental woes. Here in the U.S. our ancestors are mostly forgotten as we focus on our daily lives and follow the program. But really, who were your ancestors? What was their mission? What was their magic? What beliefs did they hold? How did they connect with nature? We carry much wisdom from our ancestors in our DNA. What is your focus in this regard during this lifetime?

As I look back on my roots, they are mostly Irish, Scottish and English. Celtic ways of living resonate with my soul, but so do other indigenous practices that connect with the Earth. Like many who live in the U.S., most likely my ancestors were uprooted from Europe and forced to move to the U.S. in order to find a better life. This sort of uprooting was traumatic and is a cause of our collective ungroundedness today. It seems like my ancestors came here and didn't pass on their wisdom and knowledge of how magical nature is. Most likely this was to survive as forces were intent on disconnecting humanity from their roots and true nature. When you have forgotten your roots, you can be easily influenced by mainstream stories of reality.

Having "roots" in the land that you came from meant power (and it is still so). All indigenous people at some point understood this. Think of the Native Americans who were removed from their lands and how devastating this was to them. They lost connection to their sacred land and to their tree friends. Unfortunately, this practice began in Europe and spread to the west. We were not immune to it, but we have forgotten our collective trauma. While it happened most recently to Native Americans, this has been going on for centuries elsewhere as "authorities" sought power over people.

These days, it's normal to move around often. Growing up, I moved every 2-3 years of my life. Once my roots were down, they were soon to be uprooted as we moved again. I feel this can be harmful to the body and mind unless we are aware of the consequences of this and alleviate the impact.

Ways to stay grounded and deepen your roots for peace and well-being:

  • Physical - Putting your feet on Mother Earth, gardening, being in nature, listening to nature. Visiting trees.

  • Energetic/spiritual - Practicing being present in your body. This can be done by intention, meditation, energy medicine, etc. Move your awareness to your heart and to your feet. Visualize roots going deep into the Earth.

  • Your ancestors - Learn about your roots, the magic your ancestors knew about, and what calls you from within. Deepen into your family's story. This can be exciting, rewarding and soul nurturing in many ways!

Our ancestors knew how to live in harmony with the Earth - this is the kind of wisdom we need again! In the absence of their wisdom a hole is being filled with the destruction of our planet and ourselves.

Deepen your roots to shine!


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