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The Earth Element: Finding Ground - Create Deep Roots

When the fiery nature of too much man-made EMFs knocked me off my ground, it was time to find grounding in nature right away. Just like the electricity that runs through our homes, the electricity that runs through our bodies needs to be grounded too. Otherwise, too much of this current stays in the body and causes issues.

Since I'd had a bit of education some time ago about the elements of nature - earth, fire, water and air - I immediately revisited this ancient wisdom. I knew I had too much fire element in my body right as my sensitivities escalated - the electricity inside my body would try to find ground with fierce zaps like static electricity. Yikes! Plus I'd felt heat in my body and man made EMFs made me cranky. The elements of my body were not in balance.

I began practicing grounding exercises daily by putting my bare feet on the ground in my back patio whenever I could. Just being outside for a while grounding was one of the many soothing lifestyle changes I made. My back patio is made of brick and it is a great conductor of earth energy while insulating against the possible stray electric grid ground current found in many cities. (Sad, but true.) I'd sit outside enjoying the elements and birds and meditate on the earth energies coming up through my feet.

At first, this didn't feel good. It seemed like my symptoms were worsening, but I believe this was some sort of detox reaction as the extra current was released from my body. After a few days, grounding started to feel really good. If you try this, you'll have to discern for yourself and listen to your body to determine if it's working.

I learned from a Building Biologist about grounding on concrete or brick, etc. to avoid receiving any possible stray electrical current as mentioned. If you are sensitive to EMF, this might be the best way to begin a grounding practice and then take it from there to ground on the earth directly.

If you can't easily get outside somewhere to ground, meditations and visualizations can help. These are helpful to do while grounding outside too. You can also get a sense for how grounded you are. If the visualization below is difficult to imagine, it could be that your energies haven't been grounded for a time. Practice will change that.

Grounding Visualization:

  • With your feet on the ground or floor, imagine that your feet are sprouting roots into the earth below. Make the roots grow bigger and deeper and let them reach down, down, down as far as they want to go, deep into the Earth. When I do this, I feel my heart center open. This is a good sign as you are connecting to your Earth Mama and she is joyful too! Wrap the roots around a large boulder. Next, I like to visualize that me feet are fully buried into the rich earth. Sometimes I visualize being earthed all the way up to my neck depending on how I feel. Be creative!

  • Pause and take a few moments to really connect to the Earth. Notice any changes in your body.

  • Next, visualize all of that wonderful Earth energy flowing up from deep in the Earth and up your strong roots and into your body, clearing all unnecessary energies - EMFs, weighty emotions, etc.

  • Stay as long as you'd like. Say "thanks" to Mother Earth for all of wonderful support she provides.

In some ways, this visualization can feel like meeting Mother Earth for the first time. In a way it just might be if you haven't connected with her as a conscious being who is there to help you.

To learn more about grounding, the movie below and the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! are great resources. However there are pros and cons to using earthing technologies such as grounding mats which I'll cover in a future post.

Find your ground to shine!


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