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The Dark Night Falls Upon Me

A couple of months after feeling the effects of man-made EMF so badly that I couldn't work at my office, I fell down the dark EMF rabbit hole of research. I was naive, thinking that people just didn't know and that there were not scientific studies done yet, etc. I was dead wrong. It was horribly upsetting. As the light shined on the hidden information that is in plain sight for all eyes to see on the internet (yet not many actually take the time to read), the dark night of the soul started to slip in. I could feel its weight on my mind, body and spirit and its heavy veil obscured my bright vision of the future. I'm not new to the dark night, so as this one slipped in I could identify it clearly and look it straight in the eye. Owl medicine brings the ability of eyes that can see in the dark.

Dark nights are well known in the spiritual world. It's where the world as you know it crumbles and eventually a new understanding, a more mature understanding, of reality appears. It's where illusions and lies we believe to be real are shattered. The only other option is to keep believing the lies and live a life that is increasingly distorted and disconnected from truth. Truth is everything and truth has a vibration. It is a coherent frequency. Just like the coherence of nature's energies, truth is pure, helpful and noble. Lies are like man-made EMF - distorted versions of that pureness that are hidden from view and don't have anyone's best interest at heart. We collectively allow distorted EMFs into our lives because we don't know who we are in truth.

When I had my first dark night of the soul many years ago, it was unnerving because I didn't know what happened. I had no frame of reference for it. In the Western world, unless you're in the woo community, it doesn't exist. It was like living in a tunnel for two years of my life without much light at the end of it. It happened after I had had an acceleration of my woo abilities and my life totally shifted. I knew information that others didn't have access to. I had trouble integrating the totality of the lies everywhere around. I didn't have the wisdom to know that a dark night was around the corner after an acceleration of woo abilities. In that, my old life crashed hard because I was clinging to it in many ways. It was all I knew.

A good way to put the dark night is like a snake shedding its skin - it gets rid of things you no longer need in your life and you have a bright new perspective as it's integrated. You don't have a choice as to whether or not it happens. They just happen. Usually as part of the integration of a dark night of the soul are certain important understandings that are needed for your future. These understandings are not taught in the mainstream. Dark nights may feel brutal at times, but the important side of it is that you have information and wisdom more in alignment with truth and nature. It will serve you in more ways than can be imagined when you are surrounded by darkness.

Energetically the dark night is a way to unplug from energies that do not serve, gather more light and then emerge from the tunnel of the dark night as a better person. The frustration of it all is that humanity is so slow to get on board with truth, even in the age of the internet. It's plain to see that access to more information has not meant the mainstream is wise. Far from it. Being around people who are so immersed in illusion can be a difficult task. Life can feel shallow around them. Sure it can be fun, but it certainly isn't fulfilling. Many relationships will end as they stay with illusion and as you move toward truth. I eventually "saw the light" as they say and that dark night came to an end.

This more recent dark night was a bit different. There wasn't as much of my reality shattering so it wasn't very gut wrenching. Mainly, the rampant denial and lies about EMFs got me down. Even if science was presented to some people I knew, they couldn't get it. There it was in a scientific or medical journal, yet the neurons in their brain couldn't make the connection for some reason. Truth will not find everyone. Truth cannot be identified when it is presented to some who aren't living in truth. You have to be honest and truthful with yourself enough, then you can recognize truth.

When the virus that-shall-not-be-named came on the scene, humanity was up for a collective dark night of the soul. One angle of truth could be that nature said, "Enough! Go to your rooms!" as one of my friends said. Regardless of the truth of the time, the point of the dark night is further awakening into the truth of who you are and the nature of reality. Only time will tell if it worked.

If you find yourself in a dark night, nature is the great healer. Nature has a way of lifting emotions. Nature takes care of you. Unlike the complex and even odd realities humans create for better or worse, nature is a steady source of pure truth.

Truth = shine. Shine on!


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