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The Birds and the Bees, The Flowers and the Trees

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

For several years now I've had direct experience about how man-made EMFs are toxic. To understand this issue it literally takes being on the wavelength that our reality is energy. Most people view their world as solid, not moving and alive with atoms and molecules, which is its true nature. Most people don't understand they have an energy field (aka biofield or aura) that can be worked with to enhance health. Birds and bees have an energetic connections to nature of course, they use the Earth's magnetic fields for example. I believe they have abilities far beyond what science knows. In a sense, being sensitive to EMFs means you are more attuned to nature.

We intuitively know, and science doesn't argue, that our existence is dependent on the sacred bee. As a pollinator of primary importance, it alone enables many of the foods we eat to exist. They are the link holding much of the environment as we know it together with their amazing networking. They work so hard, yet they remind us that life is sweet!

It's possible that one of the threats to humanity's survival is the fact of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Some say it's due to pesticides, others have other ideas. All may be a factor. But there is an over arching issue connecting them all: Not living in alignment with nature. Pesticides, herbicides, EMFs, GMOs, you name it, are all distortions of nature. Companies use and abuse nature to create them. This is leading us on a path to nowhere.

A few years ago when I told a friend of mine about my sensitivity, she believed me right away. She said, "I had a friend who kept bees. When a cell tower was put in close by, they all left." This fact is well known in many circles. It needs to be known by us all. If you aren't going to reduce man-made EMFs for your own sake, your kids' sake, or for your pets, then maybe the reality of the birds and the bees will inspire you. The birds and the bees phrase was intuitively chosen to represent talking to children about how the human species is kept alive. Listening to the plight of the birds and the bees is wise. People who can feel man-made EMFs are called canaries in the coal mine for a reason.

As we can see, the birds and the bees know first when something is wrong in the environment.

Just like us humans, bees are used to thriving in natural frequencies, for example the Schumann Resonance at 7.83 Hz or so. I may be sounding like a broken record (a relic, I know) but the latest wireless technology is upwards of 700,000,000Hz – 2,100,000,000Hz. Knowing the huge difference in cycles per second and the fact that wireless tech is not coherent like nature's energies, it's more like a pulsing nightmare, it's easy to see why bees would leave. No additional scientific experiment is needed. The issue is obvious - tampering with nature's frequencies does not produce beneficial, health giving results.

However, if you'd like some hard science, here are important articles from peer reviewed studies to consider:

The Birds

This first one is surprisingly from 1966. No, that's not a typo! That is how long some of the effects of man-made EMFs have been known. They are simply not taught. The title does not allude to microwave ovens, but a band of frequencies which include those your cell phone emits called radio-frequency microwave radiation.


"Electromagnetic noise is emitted everywhere humans use electronic devices... Here we show that migratory birds are unable to use their magnetic compass in the presence of urban electromagnetic noise. When European robins, Erithacus rubecula, were exposed to the background electromagnetic noise present in unscreened wooden huts at the University of Oldenburg campus, they could not orient using their magnetic compass. Their magnetic orientation capabilities reappeared in electrically grounded, aluminium-screened huts..."

The Bees

The Flowers (well, plants)

"EMF exposure alters the activity of several enzymes, including those of reactive oxygen species (ROS) metabolism [7], a well-known marker of plant responses to various kinds of environmental factors. EMF exposure also evokes the expression of specific genes previously implicated in plant responses to wounding [5, 8] and modifies the development of plants [9]."

"There is abundant research on how low-level EMFs affect non-human species, including extensive reviews of nonionizing radiation across all frequencies and environments about which many environmentalists and regulators are unaware."

And the Trees:

"The measurements of all trees revealed significant differences between the damaged side facing a phone mast and the opposite side, as well as differences between the exposed side of damaged trees and all other groups of trees in both sides...Statistical analysis demonstrated that electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone masts is harmful for trees. These results are consistent with the fact that damage afflicted on trees by mobile phone towers usually start on one side, extending to the whole tree over time."

Listen to nature's messages. Help them shine! Reduce your use of wireless devices.


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