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The Best Advice I Received

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

After becoming sensitive to man-made EMF, such as those emitted from cell phones and cell towers, I started doing a lot of research to try to make sense of what happened. I was looking for solutions online - in articles, online classes, books, and from others who were sensitive. But nothing prepared me for the dark cloud that was manifesting as the communication between me and some of those close to me was being obscured. I can't even remember where I heard the best advice. I only know it came from a fellow sensitive who also had been through a similar ordeal, but who was further along on the cycle of healing and who could empathize with other sensitives. Looking back it was the only thing that helped prepare me for the future storm other than being strong willed.

You'll probably be surprised at what the best advice was. It wasn't about a fancy, new device to try to mitigate EMFs or a crystal to use or what foods to eat (or not eat) or what supplements to take. It wasn't about a new energy medicine practice to try or exercise to do. All of that has a place. To me, none of this seemed very important when a stark reality set in that would be one of the most difficult and odd parts of being sensitive - how other people close to me would react.

The best advice was:

"Do not expect empathy from others regarding being sensitive."

I know, I know. It's a sad reality that most people have had to learn in the past few years due to the virus that shall not be named. If you even found this blog in the first place, you may be empathic like I am. I have always found it hard when people do and say things that demonstrate hardheartedness or outright bullying. I was naive to think that people would hear me out and that I could have adult conversations with them.

The fact of the matter is that EMFs are hidden and therefore to even understand their true nature takes a lot of insight and intuition in the first place. Most people have zero knowledge about them unfortunately so it can become a divisive topic when the truth is plain and clear which is pretty frustrating. I had many people ask how I even knew. (But these were the ones who understood since they heard it from others before me.) Well, it's as obvious as night and day. If you walk into a room and don't feel good and you leave and you feel better many times over again, then something is up. When you walk into your closet and can feel the light and walk out and can't feel it, you know. It's literally as clear as day.

Below I outline the types of personalities a sensitive may run into in their circle. I don't really like using labels unless they are positive, but it's not really clear how else to explain this well without! Please know that anyone can demonstrate any of these too. You have no idea how many times I wanted to tell a couple of people what I really thought of them and then tell them goodbye forever. But I knew this was some sort of test and didn't want to make things even worse than they were. As hard as it was I knew I had to navigate this until the waters were calmer, until I had adjusted to this new sensitive business, and was able to discern with clarity what my next steps were.

  1. The Wasps - The lights are off. There's no way a stream of light will penetrate. Extreme denial. - These folks are threatened by the discussion around the man-made EMF topic, even when simply explaining your symptoms and how you feel about what happened to you. They have no frame of reference for the situation. They have never heard of wireless harming anyone or if they did, it was probably misinformation on a sitcom. (I know, it's shocking that people believe those.) Next, the science may be presented to them (like I did). The science that isn't backed by the telecom industry, that is. The kind that unfortunately so few really know about. The Wasp may react by laughing or sending "research" from page 1 of the search engine from a seemingly accurate site or the government's outdated data. This proves even more that they don't understand the topic because if they did they would be terribly embarrassed to send these sites to you. The Wasp will demonstrate zero empathy and may even be more extreme to demonstrate hostility and bullying. Bullying may include something like trying to get you to use your cell phone or another wireless device when they know you can feel it. They will never be able to put their phone on airplane mode for you. They are unable to have an adult conversation. There is a wall around this type of person and there may be no getting through. The wall could be a sign of toxicity, one pointing to greener pastures. If everyone isn't able to come to the table, then your needs can't be met. It's best to judge if continued attempts are worth it or not. For me it wasn't worth my time and energy that needed to be channeled into getting better. There were no doors through, so I knew I would find another door open later. But this was a hard, yet excellent lesson in learning about others and how closed off they are. A situation such as this may be particularly difficult if it's someone like a spouse, a family member, a close friend, a boss, or the like. But I have to be honest that the reactions in some ways weren't total surprises. It further solidified my feeling that this type has really very little to offer other people what really matters in life. Sad, but true. They are how they are because maybe they have been mistreated and they continue the pattern. Although this is the most difficult person to deal with, it is the one who is offering a chance to step up your empathy quotient. What, more work? I know right. Ugh. What is empathy anyway? Empathy according to the Oxford Dictionary, is "the ability to understand another person’s feelings, experience, etc." I wish I could say that we lived in a world where empathy is taught, but that isn't the case. Many do learn it from their parents, but far too many don't. I know many people who are empathetic and it seems more like a gift than something actually taught, but I'm not the expert. The irony of The Wasp is that man-made EMFs can harm your ability to be empathetic. Are some Bullies simply being affected by EMF?

  2. The Talkers - There's hope, but denial still lurks. - First I have to say that I've been in this boat, lol. You can only really recognize it when once the veil of denial has been lifted from your vision. I totally get it. Life is busy and just trying to get all of life's responsibilities taken care of is a challenge. Who has time for this EMF thing anyway? It's not like it's the easiest thing to understand either. You can't see it, smell it or hear it. I know really intelligent people who don't get it. But it is the energy model and that seems to be quite a different realm from the current chemical model most are taught. The Talkers do get the EMF issue on some level, but haven't really taken enough steps to prove they really get it. For example, this may be someone who has their cell phone on their ear while complaining to someone about 5 G. (All of the Gs are disharmonious energies, not just the latest one. And you NEVER put your cell phone near your precious brain. Even Apple has said that.) This is also the person who buys a shielded cell phone case but the only problem with that is that radiation radiates, it isn't linear. A really good EMF meter can help The Talker move out of the lurking denial. That way they can see for themselves that their shielded phone case doesn't do much, but that shielded phone pouch will. This also might be someone who can feel man-made EMFs but goes ahead and buys a Fitbit (hand raised!) because their sleep is disturbed and they want to use it to monitor their sleep. I know, it makes no sense whatsoever. That is what EMFs do to you. You can make really poor choices, which is why they have to create more smart devices to replace your brain! The problem with The Talker is that even when people know man-made EMFs are harmful, they may still decide not to do anything about them. They aren't worried about themselves. This is legit, I mean everyone has the freedom to make a choice. The dark side of this is that these energies harm our ecosystems too so it isn't just about one person. It's about the delicate web of life being disrupted by a cell tower for convenience. Plus many new routers now have a far reach so your wi-fi could be harming your neighbors. I can't imagine all the karma I've accumulated by having a cell phone since they were brick shaped back in the day. Who knows how many people, animals, plants, etc were harmed by the frequencies given off by it. *Sigh* Luckily, I'm not in that boat anymore. The good news is that The Talkers are at least someone you can talk to about this issue, kinda.

  3. The Mutes - Who knows what is going on inside that brain. - The Mute doesn't say anything. They may be silent because they don't believe it, just don't know, don't want to research it or they don't care. Who really knows since they don't say anything.

  4. The Deer - They glow. - These wonderful humans seem to exude empathy for most people most of the time. You can see angels in their eyes. They may not understand EMFs at all, but at least they understand how to listen. Bless them! They are always ready to hear you out and they always make you feel better.

  5. The EMF Warriors - The bright lights. - These people get it to the bone. They actually practice some sort of healthy energy practice such as putting their phone on airplane mode when it's not in use, turning off wi-fi at night or hard-wiring their home. You gotta love 'em. They know man-made EMF is non-beneficial to them, but they also know it isn't beneficial to any of our animal, plant, insect, and microbial friends. This is the future if humanity wakes up to save themselves. We have to understand the destruction we are causing. The Earth will always survive and in the end, thrive. It's us that have to get with the program.

These are obviously not hard and fast descriptions, just general ideas. Many people can demonstrate more than one. Regardless, being EMF sensitive is a catalyst for major change in relationships and a major change in how you view your relationships. It's like a light illuminates the parts of the relationships that need healing if you want to. It's also a great indicator of those who weigh you down and no longer belong in your circle - literally it's a separation of worlds. Compared to what some sensitives have faced, my situation felt more mild, but I tend to already know who to tell things to and who not to. Unfortunately there are some people you have to tell when you'd rather not and those are the toughest situations. Many people will pretend you never said anything about what happened. Fewer will ask you how you are doing. It's such an odd situation when people have not been schooled on energy in some way (like energy medicine, energy healing, etc.) or EMFs. Since EMFs are out of sight, they are out of mind. Maybe not on purpose, it's just not on their wavelength. In some ways you have to learn to be more self-sufficient and give yourself more of what you need and not get it from others.

The EMF topic can create tension between people because the authorities haven't been honest about their effects on us and our environment. This issue is very clear, but dollar signs in the eyes block all reason. Keeping the information in the media clouded means that it can add more confusion to an already confusing topic. Just as EMFs are hidden from view, so is much of the research proving they have no benefits and can even cause harm. Tough pills to swallow, but know that more and more are up to speed about the effects and one day there will be a tipping point. Until then, stay strong and shine.


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