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The #1 Sound Bath (And It's Free)

I remember when sound healing exploded on the scene, inching ever closer to the mainstream. It was fascinating to watch as long time sound healers shared the coherent frequencies of tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, gongs, etc. I couldn't help but notice that the timing was right when five gee was also gaining momentum in people's minds. It was as if Mother Nature awakened more of us to the beauty of coherent energies as five gee was being rolled out to keep balance. Yes, Mother Nature will seek balance through us since we are a part of the web of life.

Both sound healing and man-made EMFs are frequencies - they are both measured in Hz (Hertz - cycles per second). Obviously one is audible and one isn't (except with a meter). But what we consider sound is simply what we humans hear. If our hearing were sharper, I believe we'd simply hear more frequencies that aren't considered sound. I believe we'd be able to hear man-made EMFs and it wouldn't sound very nice.

I've participated in some sound healing events and think they are wonderful. Sound is part of the healing medicine of the future without a doubt. It's exciting because we all want "sound" health. But as I heard more and more about sound healing, especially sound baths, I realized the best sound healing is nature's energy medicine first and foremost. It's the foundational energy our bodies should be bathed in everyday - and then do your sound healing for added perks! Going to sound baths, but not taking care of the basics by keeping wireless to a minimum for example is like eating McDonald's everyday and drinking a green juice every once in a while - it really doesn't do much. The incoherent nature of wireless frequencies is well, noisy, not peaceful. We become the vibes we imbibe - be it McD's or wireless. The only problem is, these vibes have very little benefit to the human body since they are so far removed from nature.

One fascinating fact you learn when you're part of a sound healing event is that most of the healing happens in the silence between sounds which is why many practitioners pause. Silence is where the integration of the sounds into the body occurs to create the most transformation. Imagine if you're out in nature where there is no man-made EMF - when there is silence during the sound bath, your body is able to rest even more deeply and soak in all the coherent energies. But if you're in a city during the "silence" - your body of course can still receive a lot of benefit, but it has to contend with the wireless noise instead of being fully engaged in the rest/restore in a natural environment.

Keep it real - bathe yourself in the frequencies of nature to shine!


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