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Ten Ways To Reduce EMFs in Your Home to Create Sacred Space

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

One of the first times I was introduced to man-made EMFs and their effects on the body was in a class taught by well known feng shui consultant Cathleen McCandless. This was before cell phones were mainstream. Feng shui means 'wind and water' and is based on nature's wisdom, which by know you know, man-made EMFs are not based on nature's wisdom! Many feng shui consultants, being highly intuitive, know to be mindful of EMFs for health and wealth! Cathleen would take a meter to her consultations to advise clients to stay out of harm's way - mainly power lines and digital alarm clocks. Since that class many moons ago, cell phone use and wireless use has exploded and finding good energetic feng shui is more difficult, but it is possible!

Good energetic feng shui means following nature's lead whenever you can. In general when it comes to man-made EMFs, such as wireless, distance is your friend. Most likely your wearable, cell phone or wifi are the biggest culprits in your life, not the neighborhood cell tower, although it is not always the case.* It's great to know that you have more control over pesky EMFs than you may think. Here are my favorite ways to energetically detox your home and make way for sacred space:

  1. Say 'no' to all wearables, such as Apple Watch and Fitbit. These devices are obviously at point blank range giving the body no room for relief from radiation. One alternative is to opt for devices with zero radiation such as this one. Or better yet, do like we've done for centuries and listen to your body!

  2. Use wired phones - on your wired computer or a landline. (No, I'm not kidding.) Minimize cell phone and cordless phone use when you can. Wired connections are far more reliable and secure as well. Connect your cell phone via ethernet with an adapter. Of course the cell phone wasn't created to use over ethernet because then you wouldn't need cell service, but WhatsApp calls work by ethernet - no cell service required!

  3. If you have to use a cell phone, use it with an airtube headset. Never hold a cell phone to your head. Even Apple advises against it. (I know right - it's a phone for God's sake.)

  4. Keep your cell phone on airplane mode/disable wifi/disable Bluetooth whenever possible. Building Biologists do not recommend any cell phone radiation protection cases unless they are a full faraday cage which blocks all cell signals. The only safe cell phone is one that gives off no radiation! Spero is a wonderful example of completely enclosed cell phone pouch/faraday cage. Don't bother with any other type because they only promote a false sense of security.

  5. Use a texting service, such as Telegram or WhatsApp, that only requires an ethernet connection to your phone, not cell service. Ditch iMessage, it's behind the times anyway.

  6. Check all your devices and set them to airplane mode/disable wifi/disable Bluetooth when not in use. Examples include tablets, printers, ipod, etc. The wireless convenience is not worth it.

  7. Use ethernet connections for your computer and devices and minimize wifi whenever possible. Not only is it safer for the bod, it is far more reliable and secure.

  8. If you can't completely ditch wifi, consider putting your router in a metal cage and/or shutting it off at night if it doesn't compromise any other important home functions like your security system. I do not use wifi and my router is in a cage anyway because it can tend to magically pop on from time to time.

  9. Say 'no' to home devices such as Alexa. They give off far too much radiation and word on the street is that they are not private.

  10. Say 'no' to all 'smart' appliances. How ridiculous to think my phone needs to talk to my fridge or blender. Get real.

*Note that every person has a unique EMF situation and not all of the points may be appropriate for everyone. For example, if your security system runs on wifi, it's best to figure out how is best to move forward. (Can it be wired?) EMFs are complex. In some situations hiring a professional, like a Building Biologist, may be the best way to get an accurate assessment of your home's exposure levels and how to take appropriate action.

As mentioned in a previous post, ALARA - A Fairy and A Prince-iple, I use the ALARA principle and you can read about it there.

Word to the wise - ditch man-made EMFs when you can and stick to sacred space to shine!


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