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Song Made Visible

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

As the song of life (vibrating energy) slows down, it begins to become visible as beautiful shapes and patterns. These shapes and patterns are known as sacred geometry. If song, the Schumann Resonance as one example, is the background frequency pulsing through much of life, then sacred geometry is simply the background blueprint upon which everything natural around us is created – plants, animals, ourselves, the wood your table is made out of (if it isn’t synthetic).

These patterns are everywhere in nature, yet seem hidden until pointed out. As form is gently fashioned from these blueprints, harmonious shapes and patterns emerge in all their splendor. These sacred geometrical patterns are especially visible to the eye in sunflowers, honeycombs and succulents. (Unbeknownst to many, sacred geometry is an extraordinary display of craftsmanship by the nature spirits! Each tree, plant and flower is simply a unique song before it becomes visible.)

One brilliant example that illustrates how song can be made visible is the science of cymatics. The word cymatics, comes from the ancient Greek word ‘kyma’ which means wave.¹ Cymatics literally is sound made visible. These patterns are formed in a medium such as sand. As the sand is exposed to different frequencies, it reveals the sound’s pattern.

Check this out:

“Certain frequencies vibrate the metal plate in such a way that it creates areas where there is no vibration. The sand “falls” into those areas, creating beautiful geometric patterns." – ‘brusspup’ on YouTube

As demonstrated, different frequencies create different geometrical patterns. The higher the frequency, the more intricate the design. Cymatics implies, like many forward thinkers believe, that the universe is made of many frequencies.

Another example of the power of frequency and sacred geometry is Dr. Masaru Emoto’s famous photos of ice crystals. In his New York Times bestselling book The Hidden Messages In Water, Dr. Emoto illustrates with high speed photography how frequencies have the ability to influence the structure of water.² Since water is mutable and visible, it is the perfect medium to bring this otherwise hidden wisdom through. Depending upon the frequency presented to the water, the water’s basic structure changes and when frozen, the ice crystals display either beautiful, life enhancing crystals or distorted muckety muck. (We’ll get to those crystals in the next post.) Some of his examples won’t be too surprising, since we know intuitively that when we are feeling great and giving off good vibes, that we are in harmony, ‘in tune’. This coherent feeling creates harmony in our bodies. Notice how the crystals are hexagonal in shape, similar to a honeycomb. Dr. Emoto’s photos are truly a work of (he)art. If you are sensitive to energy, you can feel the gentle energy of the crystals. Sit for a moment and let the crystal work with you...

Dr. Emoto’s insightful findings visibly validated what many people had already thought – we have some control over certain things in our lives. Since our bodies are some 70% water, the wisdom Dr. Emoto imparts can be put into practice by working with the ‘feel good’ frequencies that create beautiful crystals. For example, if we have a meditation, prayer or other type of practice, it helps to build personal harmony.

Cymatics and ice crystals are wonderful tools to see coherent energies that would otherwise be unseen. However, we know by how we feel whether or not energy is coherent. Our bodies are the best detectors! If we are stressed or our mind is racing, that is not coherent energy. When we are meditating or radiating good vibes, we feel coherent. The trick today, in a world where stress is on the rise, is to lean as much as possible toward the coherent side!

To be continued...

Shine on!


1. “Cymatics: How Sound Vibrations Create Physical Structures.” The Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies, 2021, The Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies.

2. Emoto, Masaru. The Hidden Messages In Water. Hillsboro, Oregon, Beyond Words Publishing, Inc., 2004.


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