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Reduce EMF: Ways to Say "Buh-Bye!" To Wi-Fi

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I am a huge advocate for ditching wi-fi and reducing all radio-frequency as much as possible. If your body could feel what I felt at the height of my sensitivity, you'd never use it again either. Just because most can't feel wi-fi doesn't mean it is safe. Being able to feel the difference between places with wi-fi and being in nature taught me first hand how electrically polluted our environments are when wi-fi, etc. is in use.

Luckily, EMF meters are able to reveal just how incoherent the sound of wi-fi is to give us a clue into it's nature and how it might feel. Otherwise they would really be hidden from our senses. Check this video out. To hear the wi-fi forward to 1:30:

Consider these ideas to reduce exposure to wi-fi:

  • Unplug the router at night and whenever it's not in use. (Unless you run important systems through it like your home's security system.)

  • Distance is your friend. If wi-fi needs to stay on, keep as much distance as possible by putting the router far away from where you spend most of your time.

  • Consider buying a router guard which may cut down on wi-fi radiation up to 90%. Note that I've heard different stories about these not blocking well or blocking too much. It's worth doing some homework on this. My experience has been that if my wi-fi mysteriously pops on, the signal is very strong and it made me wonder if it really helps. It is probably reducing it, but it's unclear to me if it's 90%.

  • TechWellness offers a low EMF wi-fi router.

  • TechWellness also offers a cool wi-fi kill switch.

  • Use ethernet instead. Be sure to turn the computer's wireless feature off.

  • Start learning how to make wi-fi a thing of the past. It's just a convenience, and one that is not health giving.

Remember the days before wi-fi? Was it really that bad to be wired? Nope. If fact, as you know being wired means better internet service and always will. That is a big perk. As someone who takes many online classes, it boggles my mind that teachers aren't on ethernet to give students the best uninterrupted experience.

Reduce wi-fi so your home can sing!


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