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Reduce EMF: The Three Levels of Energy

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

In the EMF arena online I see so many misunderstandings about reducing EMFs since we aren't taught about our energetic or our spiritual realities. For example, I've heard people say that certain crystals can reduce EMFs. It may very well be that some can in subtle ways, but overall I find this blanket statement to be harmful for some people. I've been the believer of misunderstandings too so I thought this post will help clarify the three levels of energy - physical, subtle and spiritual - as best as I can explain it at this time.

Back in the day before I became sensitive, I used crystals and orgone generators as "EMF protection." If they were 100% effective, I would never have gotten extremely sensitive to EMFs. I had them at my office and my home. I wore necklaces. In the end I became very sensitive regardless and I hope this article helps you avoid what I learned the hard way. I still work with crystals, and bring them with me when I'm out and about especially. I have never noticed any tangible result from doing this. I think they are doing something, but it's very very subtle. Although I can sense subtle energies, I've never been able to detect that they reduce EMFs. Like anything biological, reducing EMFs in measurable ways will help all of life, including your crystals.

The Physical Energy Level

Man-made EMFs, such as wireless, are physical energies - they can be measured with an EMF meter. When EMFs are mitigated - meaning when they are largely eliminated or reduced - this is also measurable. EMF mitigation is performed by reducing the sources of EMF, distancing from the sources of EMF if possible, and shielding if necessary. Shielding can be done with material or paint for example. This level of understanding and mitigation is the most important for long term health and longevity. Live in the energies nature intended!

The Subtle Energy Level

Subtle energies may or may not be physical, but they are less intense than physical energies. They may or may not be able to be measured. Examples of subtle energy are chi (life force energy) and the energy that crystals give off. If you try to mitigate man-made EMFs with subtle energies, like those of a crystal, there will be no difference in the readings on an EMF meter. This is why using crystals should generally not be considered EMF mitigation/reduction or protection - especially if you are sensitive already.

However, many believe that shungite is an effective crystal to reduce man-made EMF. I wouldn't doubt that it has some properties to help reduce EMF, but is it enough to counter the extremely high radiation levels that most people are living under? My best guess is no. How much shungite would be required to actually protect or mitigate all day against wi-fi and cell phone use? Does a chunk work? Would you have to line your walls with it? My take is that just wearing jewelry or having a chunk of it here and there may not be enough. However, if a crystal you wear elevates your mood, maybe just being happy will make you more resilient to EMFs. Has this been proven? I'm not sure. Will it work for everyone? I'm not sure.

I use shungite and believe it can help on some level, but I live in an environment that has been mitigated as much as possible according to an EMF meter.

The Spiritual Level

I don't view the spiritual level as energetic, but something finer and of course, not easily explained. How I perceive it is that physical, organic EMFs (such as the Earth's energy or Schumann Resonance) hold spirit. It is part of how vibration is slowed down in order to manifest a physical reality. The spiritual level informs the subtle energy level and then the physical level.

When calling on spiritual protectors or working with the spiritual aspects of crystals to reduce EMF, this will not be measurable with an EMF meter.

Regarding both the subtle energy level and the spiritual levels, at this time my best guess is that they may afford building your body's resilience to man-made EMFs, but physical protection or mitigation cannot be proven.

I've seen websites that swear their products protect against EMFs and I feel that this word - "protection" - is misleading unless the products have been tested with an EMF meter. It's also potentially dangerous - especially to those of us with EMF sensitivity - to believe this. That said, it could be that the placebo effect may work, but I believed crystals and orgone could protect, but that still didn't work for me.

If you're interested in buying crystals, orgone, etc., ask the vendor:

  • What measurable tests have been done that prove their effectiveness against man-made EMF?

  • What exactly is the mechanism that makes the crystal effective against EMFs?

  • How much is needed to be effective?

It's better to be safe than sorry - if you are sensitive already, always mitigate EMFs with tangible results on an EMF meter, then work with crystals and other subtle energies as icing on the cake! Work with your spirit guides for additional resiliency and support. And remember: it behooves vendors who sell crystals or other EMF "protection" to innocently say they protect against EMFs. The only true protection is living how nature intended - without wireless and other man-made EMFs.

Only reducing EMFs on a physical level has been proven to protect your shine!


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