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Nature's Song of Well-Being is Love

Mother Earth imbues and embraces all of life on Earth with coherent life-giving energies. These energies are literally a part of our makeup. They help us to sing our song of well-being. If we are separated from these nourishing energies, we will not survive. What a gift these life giving energies are and yet, they are mostly unknown and generally taken for granted and abused by humanity.

I’m sure most of us are familiar with how great it feels to be in nature – uplifting, calming, and centering. When I first began feeling more sensitive to man-made electro-magnetic fields (EMF), one of the first things I noticed was how incredibly healing just being outside or in nature felt in stark contrast to being surrounded by man-made EMF such as wifi. Man-made EMF feels heavy, harsh and chaotic to me. Nature's energies feel fun and playful. This was a game changer in how I viewed (and felt) life.

By allowing high quantities of incoherent, man-made EMF into my life, I had allowed a wedge to come between me and nature (and a wedge between me and my health). My home and office had been filled with layer upon layer of questionable man-made EMF energies that are the complete opposite of nature’s energies. I had a cell phone, a Fitbit, the wifi, and of course everyone else’s phones and devices and the many wifi signals from other office spaces nearby. Little by little, that wedge became larger since man-made EMFs of all types can have a cumulative effect on the body. We are energy and our energy can be enhanced and supported by nature. And for some people, life force energy can be depleted by man-made EMF.

As I began to learn more about coherent energy from my own senses and from others, I seemed to be getting the same message over and over again – coherent energies equal love. They say that love heals all things, but is that simply because at a foundational level, it is coherent energy? I think so. And luckily, all of nature is full of coherent energies! When I’m feeling down or stressed (which are incoherent energies) I go outside or into nature and boom! nature’s coherent energies lift me back up to feel like myself again. This is the gift of nature to us. This is how we're meant to live every day.

Just like the heart chakra, much of nature is green. When I’m out in nature, it is a heart expanding experience. It is as if my body syncs with nature through my heart. Nature can be spoken to through the heart. To be in nature is to be surrounded by love – the coherent energies of the trees, plants, stones, earth, the air, and the sunshine. To me this coherence means health. Nature’s energies help us stay in alignment with our song of well-being.

As more man-made EMF comes into our homes, we are allowing lack of love energies to enter our space. I believe our environments are a key to well-being and can mirror well-being back to us. It doesn’t surprise me that many feng shui practitioners recognize man-made EMF as bad feng shui. This is great wisdom. The airspace of a home is vitally important, yet practically ignored. Since I became sensitive, I now see the airspace in my home as being a part of nature. I do what I can to keep the airspace of my home in balance with natural dosages of earth energy, while keeping man-made EMFs as low as possible.

Nature's energies are there to help us shine! Tune into nature's song of well-being.


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