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Indoor Climate Change

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Did you know that over the past few decades indoor climates have changed? As someone who can feel man-made electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) like wifi, I also began to feel whether indoor spaces were healthy (or not) energy-wise and whether the elements were balanced (or not).

Literally, I can feel the indoor weather!

Being in some homes feels nauseating if they have a lot of man-made EMFs. A trip to certain big stores (which shall not be named) can be like walking into an energetic twilight zone. They feel dry, unbalanced and unhealthy, because they are. Too much man-made EMF means there is too much of the fire element (from the five element theory) and other elements may be out of balance. Some stores are a bit better than others, but no interiors felt healthy. How could they be if they don't have a healthy balance with the rest of the five elements - such as water and earth?

Of course the air in these stores leaves something to be desired. When the virus came along, these interiors felt even less healthy because the air didn't feel healthy either. I'm not sure about you, but why would I want to spend any length of time in recycled air? Outdoor restaurants would feel somewhat healthy depending how far they were from cell towers. This is not something most people think about - how energetically healthy are the environments you frequent?

A similar feeling had happened in my home, but not to the same degree. Luckily I have more control over its climate. I was able to reduce the EMFs in my home which made it feel more calm and peaceful. I also don't use A/C or a central heater - I prefer real fresh air with plenty of negative ions.

When I first became sensitive to man-made EMFs, going outside was a huge relief as I've mentioned in other posts. Mother Earth's elements - water, wood, fire, earth and metal - are generally in balance outdoors or they strive to be in balance. It's this balance that feels healthy to me. Not a little healthy, but HUGELY healthy. This is no revelation as they are there to support our health, we are created of these elements and energies. But like a fish in water - most don't know what's around them.

As I spent more time outdoors, I realized it was the earthy, humid feeling outside that I didn't feel indoors. It was these energies in particular that felt healing to me. When I would go back inside my home, it felt dry and more fiery.

Man-made EMF and even natural EMF is of the fire element. We know that smart meters can cause fires as can electrical lines if they are downed, and of course lightning starts fires when it strikes a tree.

As wireless and other not-so-smart devices are ramped up in homes, more of the fire element is being added. Excess fire can mean an interior may be out of balance. (It doesn't mean there could be an actual fire necessarily.)

For example:

  • Is there a static electricity issue in your home? (The excess fire energy is trying to find a ground.)

  • Have any fiery tempers at home? (Wifi and other man-made EMFs can bring out the worst in people as they are low energies compared to natural energies which uplift.)

  • Do you get thirsty in your home? (Man-made EMFs are notorious for causing dehydration.)

These and other signs could mean your environment has too much fire.

The fire element can be balanced by the other elements, especially water. I think my home suffers from dehydration! Although I don't have any wifi, etc., I still have electricity of course and it may cause a space feel dry and not as vital. I have many plants which help, but it doesn't totally do the trick.

When I used to live in Mexico, my home was built out of concrete. In the tiled kitchen and bathrooms, if I walked around barefoot I would be grounded, even upstairs. I loved that since I could feel the Earth's energy every day inside my house. This made me realize that I want to live in a home that has that earthy, grounded feel. However, my home is now mostly made of wood, and wood is not grounding.

There's also a big bonus that walls made of earth block and ground some man-made EMF. Therefore the electric system of the home is not able to intrude on your body as much. A home of this nature will feel more in balance as long as there is not wireless energy inside the home.

Years ago I visited a cob style home in Mexico which was a treat! Talk about feeling naturally grounded all the time. In fact many of the homes that felt the healthiest to me energy-wise have been in Mexico. There, they build many homes with materials from the earth.

But all of this made me wonder if man-made EMFs can change the indoor climate of my home, what is it doing to the environment in general? Is it creating too much of the fire element that Mother Nature must balance?

We can't fill the airspace with man-made EMF and expect no effect at all. And yes, some believe that these frequencies are changing the environment's climate.

At a time when environmental health scientists tackle serious global issues such as climate change and chemical toxicants in public health, there is an urgent need to address so-called electrosmog. A genuine evidence-based approach to the risk assessment and regulation of anthropogenic electromagnetic fields will help the health of us all, as well as that of our planetary home.

If you are concerned about the environment in any way, you can start with your home's climate. Balance the EMFs and other energies. A healthier home helps you stay healthy.

A shining home helps you shine!


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