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I'm What?

"Disabled." I listened intently over the (landline) phone as another sensitive explained why I was considered disabled. "If you can't work at the office any longer due to your sensitivities to man-made EMF, then under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) you can request accommodation from your employer."

My rebel heart kicked into high gear. I was not going to take on this label. I knew that labels can inform beliefs about yourself which then form actions and behaviors that match that label which can make things worse. Labels can be detrimental to the person, like a form of black magic. We are so much more than labels. I was not going to take on any label for the "system." That was not going to happen. Nope. I fumed inside at how short sighted everything is in our modern world while we think we are so progressive. We are filling our homes, workspaces, neighborhoods, everything with the artificial energy of man-made EMFs and we're expected to thrive? In my mind I knew there was a better way than buying into this procedural, anti-human government mumbo jumbo. I just didn't know what it was yet.

I listened on because I was interested in learning more about what others could do if they found themselves in this same position. I was referred to the website of the Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP). On their page How to File an ADA Accommodations Request for Electrosensitivity to Avoid Small Cells and Wifi there is information about how to request an accommodation. I did not have to go this route, so I'm of no help. But if you or someone you know is in the same boat, contact them.

Soon we hung up and I found myself musing about how backwards everything was. Life on Earth is reverse reality. My body had protested being about 15 feet away from a small cell tower at work pumping out artificial, chaotic energies in unnatural dosages and I'm called "disabled." I mused that at least I had the ability to sense it and get out of harm's way. It is an important ability now more than when I first became sensitive three years ago. The sensitives are the canaries in the coal mine warning those who will listen. Natural, gentle EMF is nature's energy medicine, which helps the body stay resilient against many health issues - inflammatory, digestive, viral, etc. Those who feel man-made EMF are called hypersensitive because everyone is sensitive. No one can escape the biological effects. It's just a matter of how much exposure until you feel them.

Later on I learned how, not surprisingly, OSHA, the United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has little to say about this issue. On their page Radio Frequency and Microwave Radiation, they say they have no standards, but list other agencies including the FCC. Why is that? There is nothing safe or healthy about radio-frequency microwave radiation (the real name for wireless). Their page on Health Effects has some good links, but still acts like there is no conclusive evidence which is not the case. They also have links on how to implement a radio-frequency (RF) and microwave safety program, huh? Reading between the lines, it's obviously not safe, but they can't just come out and say it. This was frustrating to learn.

Let's move on to the FCC since many follow their lead. (You have to be careful who you follow these days.) In 2021, they were sued (and lost) since they were not able to provide an explanation as to how their 25 year old safety guidelines for radio-frequency (wireless) adequately protect the public against non-cancer harms. Just like OSHA, they seem to go around in circles, saying there is no evidence, but if it were safe, they wouldn't need so many webpages trying to convince someone otherwise. Everyone in the EMF world know that the FCC is not a health agency. Why are they the ones implementing standards? Everyone also knows they are a captured agency. I can see those dollar signs in the eyes again, the ones that block reason. Such is life right now - we are out on a limb so to speak to research and gather information for ourselves. It is a test in discernment in what is truth and what is fiction. Keeping the public confused is part of the game. Confusion can keep things hidden, just like the EMF around us, as dollars roll in. Do your research and shine on my friends!


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