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How I Found My Low EMF Home

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Before I found the home I live in that is fairly low in man-made EMF, I temporarily lived in an apartment home from hell - energetically speaking. On the surface it had many delights - nicely finished, nice community, nature trails for walking, a workout room, pool and spa, etc. However, this development, it turned out, was too densely populated and energetically deteriorated for me. When I moved in, the first thing I noticed was that my sleep was disrupted. There were a couple nights that I didn't sleep at all. This had never happened to me and it was alarming. So I'd go back to the home I'd just left to recover and I'd sleep pretty well. I did this for months and little did I know I was on a steep learning curve about man-made EMFs and their effects on biology.

This home from hell it turned out had dozens of wifi fields that showed up on my phone (my first "EMF meter"), but at the time I wasn't totally clear this was the issue. I was still partly in a state of EMF denial. I knew that I slept better with wifi off here and there, but that was about it. I had neither the experience or knowledge to know this was an energetic initiation back to nature! It was an unlivable space and looking back, I wonder how I even survived there so long.

While I was living in this apartment home, another couple moved in next door and moved out within weeks because she had trouble sleeping too. I didn't know them very well and we never discussed it, but I later wondered if she felt the wifi fields too. All of this was showing me just how unlivable neighborhoods are becoming.

I asked a dowser for help with the nightmare home and he pointed out that I was having an extreme stress response. Well, at least someone understood some part of the issue. At the time I didn't know that measuring man-made EMFs and Building Biology was a thing. It didn't really matter because there was no way to remediate the home without a significant investment. I just needed OUT! I needed to find a home that was closer to nature and with less people.

In my spare time, I would look for another place to live and would get frustrated because it wasn't happening fast enough. It was taking months. I had to remove many denser populated options which were more in my budget. The home would have to be close enough to work. What a puzzle to solve since man-made EMFs were getting more pervasive. Where could I live?

Then what came to mind was to write down a list of what I needed in a home. I had success in the past with writing things down and having them manifest. Somehow in the midst of all the electro-smog, I was able to remember this wisdom which isn't an easy feat.

So I created a list which had things like -

  • Low EMF

  • 2 bedrooms, 2 baths

  • Attached garage

  • Quiet neighborhood

  • Outdoor yard/patio

  • Ground level

  • The price range and more

I forgot about the list, but followed my guidance. One day a listing finally popped up. It was over my price range, but I decided to book an appointment to see it anyway. The nudge was too great. I walked into the home and it was an immediate, "Yes!" It was a cute condo with an outdoor patio with two old grape vines with luscious grapes hanging from the pergola. I was able to check the wifi levels on my phone and they were super low. The condo only had one close neighbor and no one above or below. It was on the ground level which can be important to be shielded from cell towers. (But check this with a Building Biologist or another expert since things have changed since this time.)

During the appointment the real estate agent told me how it had been for rent for a couple of months and that other deals had fallen through. I found that interesting and I reflected on how I've heard the land chooses the occupant when we think it's the other way around! There was really no reason the condo wasn't rented within a week. It was quite charming and had wonderful outdoor space to enjoy.

I moved in and got all settled. A couple of years later I came across the list and was amazed! Writing it down really did work; it helps to laser focus what your needs are. I got more than I asked for too. You just have to be careful to include EVERYTHING that is important. Create the list carefully and with inspiration. Nature and the land will respond. :)

These days, as EMFs are more pervasive, it's smart to hire a Building Biologist or an EMF expert to survey the home before renting or buying.

Write down your goals to shine!


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