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Grounding Technologies: To Use or Not to Use?

Grounding technologies, such as grounding mats, have been really popular for awhile now. I resonate with the fact that we are meant to be immersed in the frequencies of the Earth for health and well-being. That is what nature intended for us. These days though, our feet are partially cut off from receiving the Earth's healing frequencies due to modern day rubber soled shoes and other factors. Also, we aren't able to discharge pesky frequencies easily if we're wearing rubber soled shoes. There is always an exchange of energy between us and our environments that isn't talked about much. Rubber soled shoes can clog that relationship up.

It's important to know that our auras, or energy bodies, are not cut off from the Earth though, even if our feet are. Our energy bodies are essentially still able to enjoy some of this important energy exchange or we wouldn't be here. If we were completely disconnected from the Earth, our health would immediately deteriorate. I believe that the rubber soled shoe certainly hasn't helped us be healthier though. They are great for many other reasons of course.

It isn't well known that rubber soled shoes act like an insulator, keeping frequencies in our bodies instead of being discharged as nature has intended. If man-made EMFs hit us, not all of the EMFs are able to be discharged out our feet. The frequencies may essentially either bounce back up after hitting the rubber soles or they might get stuck in our feet. Many of us sensitives know that the frequencies get stuck in our feet because of the tingling. Many advocate for getting rid of rubber soled shoes for peace of mind and body. Grounding technologies may be one way to help reforge our energetic relationship with the earth.

Grounding mats and other grounding technologies help bring the healing frequencies of the earth into our homes and offices without being outside. These days, many types of home flooring are not grounded either. If you walk around barefoot in your home, it may not help much if you are walking on carpeting or synthetic flooring. When I lived in a home in Mexico, the tiled rooms, even upstairs, were grounded since the home was built of concrete. I loved that I could be grounded in my home without grounding technology. It's something to think about.

Grounding technologies may be helpful, BUT they have to be used with mindfulness and care. I think being in nature itself is always the best solution, but grounding technologies might have a place in life. The reason I believe people should be cautious is because when I lived next to the fake palm tree cell tower, I used grounded pillowcases (NOT from, the pioneer). My neck started to hurt a lot so I stopped using them. I never had any issue with the grounding products from that I know of. I used their grounding mat and half-sheet for a while. I do not use them much anymore after becoming sensitive to EMFs and after a Building Biologist told me to be careful for some of the reasons outlined below:

  • Grounding technologies are not for everyone. If you can muscle test yourself or be tested by someone else to find out if this tech is for you, do it! It could save you time and money. Some people may be too sensitive for them. If you are already sensitive to man-made EMFs, use even more caution.

  • Frequencies, such as wireless and electric fields are trying to find ground. This is their nature. If you are connected to a grounding mat in environments with high levels of man-made EMFs, it could be that the ground they seek will be through you first before it goes out the mat! It could mean attracting more man-made EMFs to you. I believe it's really important for a home or office to be fully mitigated for EMFs and then think about using grounding mats - away from electronics and other electrical devices. More research needs to be done in the is department since our environments are getting more and more saturated with man-made EMFs.

  • Grounding mats and technologies should only be used if you can connect the mat to a rod that is in the ground outside. I can't recommend using the grounded part of an outlet for this if you will be touching the grounding mat or technology. I know many people do, but I'm not sure it's safe. When my neck got sore from the grounding pillowcase, I wasn't using a grounding rod, just the ground of an electrical outlet. I only use the electrical outlet method when grounding EMF shielding products that do not touch my body, such as fabric that blocks EMF.

Grounding mats and technologies do not even remotely give me the same feeling as being in nature. I'm sure they work for some folks, but I never felt any huge benefit from them, but that doesn't mean others won't. It seems like many do. However, when we interact with nature, there is not only the physical contact with the Earth, but other benefits known and unknown. Grounding mats simply give us some physical Earth frequencies, but may not provide any of the other bonuses that nature has in store for us.

Get grounded to soak up and discharge energies to maximize your shine!


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