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Glamour - The Ancient Art (And Spell) of Smoke & Mirrors

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

The origins of the word glamour are fascinating without a doubt. The word is of Scottish origin and said to have been derived from the word 'grammar' at a time when magical spells were cast about - in the 1700s. In fact, according to Merriam Webster's dictionary, glamour originally meant 'a magical spell.' This magical spell could change how something looked to one the spell was cast upon. It was one that affected the person's vision; in other words, the perception of that person was altered. The person wasn't able to see how things really were - they saw a form of illusion.

Looking around online it's apparent that many sources believe that 'a magical spell' is no longer an accurate definition of glamour, but I beg to differ. So much of the marketing targeted at us is done with glamour and its hard for many to discern the truth. Glamour is alive and well all around us.

Advertising may be described as the science of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money out of it. - Stephen Leacock

What Stephen is referring to above is the spell of glamour. It isn't that our intelligence is being arrested though, this is an energetic interference of artificiality.

Here are a few more examples :

  • Beauty magazines - One of the biggest culprits - using airbrushing and other techniques to change a model's appearance to sell a product that will never give you what the model probably didn't have to begin with either. Perfect glamour!

  • The makeup & plastic surgery industries - Glamour countless women into thinking they aren't good enough and need to look like something inauthentic. I love to see women who are aging naturally and gracefully. They exude a trustworthy authenticity that is soulful.

  • The mainstream media - Presenting things not how they are, but based on making money. Broadcasting fear instead of empowerment, then advertising the "solution" to the fear which isn't really the solution.

  • Cigarette industry - No need to explain all the glamour abuses here!

Not all glamour is based on exploiting physical appearances to make sales though. Glamour is also used in other ways. Mainstream medicine for example ironically isn't really based on health, but symptom suppression, yet it parades as healthcare. That's glamour. Doctors don't even have to study nutrition - the foundation of health! We all learned in elementary school, "You are what you eat." How did doctors miss that simple truth? How are we letting them forget? Glamour.

One of the biggest exploiters of glamour is the tech industry. Sleek ads try to convince us to buy the latest tech, meanwhile the destruction of the planet to create all this technology continues on as if nothing and we don't hear about it. (Yet we are supposed to be eco aware citizens and watch our footprint. Huh? Confusing to say the least.) When you're raised with technology, all seems normal, but it really isn't. The dark, hidden side of tech is rarely discussed, because if it was, we'd change our lifestyles overnight.

Tech glamour and its many smoke and mirrors:

  • It provides a 'hit' like a drug does, for example when our phone dings that a text was received. It can keep people hooked.

  • People can act like someone they are not and easily hide behind a facade in the false tech world.

  • Many act as if tech is 'something we need.' I think we do need some technology, but no, sorry, there is a lot of tech we don't need - especially the smart tech aimed at children. Markets are created for things that are not needed. That's glamour.

  • Can cause digital dementia. It's unnatural to sit all day in front of a computer! Our brains need natural EMF frequencies and to see the natural colors of nature. Man made EMFs and colors coming from a screen don't even come close.

  • It is part of modern progress....Is it? Many of us get a sense of the endgame and the learning lesson could very well be to exercise your own inner technology and stop relying on external tech. After all, as mentioned in the video in the link above, if you aren't using it, you'll lose it. Then you will need smart tech and that is, well, just sad.

See through the glamour to find what is real. Shine on!


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