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EHS Solution: Nature is the Medicine

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

I don't like to use the term EHS (electro-hyper sensitivity). Being someone who believes nature knows best, sometimes it floors me how artificial we in the Western world have become. We sometimes distort the beautiful gifts nature has given us into unnatural inventions and then ignore the negative results (or are too short sighted to see them) to our own detriment. Then we label the negative results as if they are valid, but they are also a product of a modern society that is out of touch with its roots and with nature. EHS only exists because of how unnatural we are living. The negative results of EMF exposure are simply warning signs not only for those who feel EMFs, but for all of humanity, the planet and all of life.

Knowing that EHS is due in part to being in unnatural, incoherent energies, the first solution is to balance the body by being in nature as much as possible. This is after reducing or removing all man-made EMFs that are disturbing your body - could be wireless, electrical fields, or other types of EMFs. (Hire a Building Biologist or a similar consultant to help navigate the EMF complexities.) If you are sensitive, there is no use going out in nature if you'll wear your smart watch or keep your phone connected to cell service. (That's like eating McD's while doing a detox cleanse.) Be as energetically "green" as possible! The body will move towards resetting itself in a natural environment. It will move out of sympathetic and into parasympathetic.

When I first became very sensitive to EMFs, I had to go outside many times a day. I would sit on my patio with my bare feet on the patio floor. My patio luckily has lots and lots of foliage that I could bathe in. I would sit close to the plants and trees. It felt so calming to my body and mind. The first few days that I was outside after my EMF mishap, my symptoms seemed to worsen. I'd feel an uncomfortable feeling like static was on my nerves and it briefly felt worse. It may have been an energetic detox reaction of sorts. After that, being outside was pure energetic bliss. It felt so good to be outside where it felt earthy and humid - the medicine to balance the fiery feel of man-made EMFs. I maximized my time outside on my patio by doing creative things - writing, meditating, energy medicine, etc.

I tried to venture out to local parks since I couldn't drive too far since I'd feel the wireless frequencies. I would take my EMF meter since back then, it was very important to me that if I was out in nature, that I could maximize healing. The energy was more "green" (the pure energy of nature) on my back patio than at the local parks! It was shocking to find out just how polluted these natural environments were although there were no cell towers in sight and very few people (with their cell phones). I was hoping to find a green area close by to enjoy, but it wasn't as easy as I thought. It was a sad truth to discover. I felt so grateful to have a small slice of green in my back patio to enjoy.

Being in nature to soak up its medicine is an endeavor into listening to your body and your intuition. No one can tell you if it will help or not. There are too many variables and in some cases, too much man-made EMF pollution even in nature. Therefore take it as an adventure into getting to know yourself and hear your intuition more clearly. It's also a harder lesson to discover just how energetically polluted our environments are. Nature is not pure nature any longer. It is now being inundated with unnatural frequencies that even nature can't recognize. The local flora and fauna have to contend with the cell frequencies too - the energetics of people's texts and phones calls. Ugh.

Now that I'm less sensitive I don't worry about bringing my meter anywhere in nature. I focus on enjoying the experience. I focus on connecting with the earth for energetic as well as spiritual support. I focus on calming my mind and being present. That is when healing can occur - the present is being present. As a collective we have taken nature's healing energies for granted. The extreme situation we are in when it comes to wireless and other EMFs may just bring us back to our senses one day.

Let nature be thy medicine to shine!


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